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Ultra + Marathon…. training begins….

The Shot

A moment captured in time of one of the greatest athletes of all time… Michael Jordan. This particular moment was right after MJ hit the game & series winning shot against the Cavaliers (when LeBron was 5 years old) and truly began of the greatest dynasties American professional sports has ever seen.

I like to draw upon this moment as a captured piece of time not only for winning but for all the dedication and effort it took to get to that point. It is why I decided to begin on a new journey of completing what seems to be impossible, that only the immortal running gods could complete… an Ultra Marathon which will consist of running 50 miles… non-stop (or the least amount of stopping).

This moment of MJ jumping up in pure mental and physical exhaustion knowing everything he chose and did up to that point was correct, coming out on top, not only in the eyes of basketball peers and fans, but of himself is truly stellar and worth celebrating.

I never have and never will undermine everyone’s accomplishment of any distance they have run or walked because everyone should be celebrated. To complete any race no matter the distance or time is a huge win and for that I am proud of everyone. I personally have just decided to take it one step further, to challenge myself more physically and mentally. It is one of the moments in my life where I can honestly say, I am not sure if I will be able to do something like this. When I was training for NYC last year I knew deep down I could and would do it. For this 50 I am probably at about a 70% confidence level of knowing that I will be able to physically do it. As the training begins, I know I will get into the grove, the routine and that confidence level will go up.

I must mention that this is without a great friend and running “butty”, Anisha who encouraged me to do this with her. I kid and blame her for this, but I am thankful she introduce me to push myself even further than I ever thought possible. For those of you who don’t know Anisha, she is the awesome runner who qualified to run Boston last year in NYC, then proceeded to pull out a PR in Boston with a incredible time of 3:36:25…. so this girl knows how to run and more importantly how to pace and mentally keep it together. She is truly an inspiration and I am very excited to be running and training with her for this.

So I will leave you all (my loyal followers and supporters) our 18 week training schedule that we will be following. Please note in the latter portion the weekend runs will consist of not just one 20+ run but two which will be run on a Sat then another 20+ on Sun. It is this part that kind of freaks me out, but doing it with someone will help relieve any anxiety. Along with training for this 50 miler, I still do plan on running the ING NYC Marathon on November 7th, but hopefully being able to fully enjoy every facet and nuance of the race. This training season will be rough, grueling, it will test every mental capacity I got, but I hope and believe that at the end I will be jumping like my child idol, MJ did way back in ’89 (or as much as I am able to jump, if at all!)

Stay tuned for a full race report about the 50 miler we will be doing and the first week of training.

It begins…. today!

Happy running my loyal supporters!

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Five seconds…. short

Hey there all my loyal running supporters.

So it has been about 5 days since my last race (Run as One) and besides the NYC Marathon this was the only race I was set on accomplishing a goal with. Now many of you may think, well its just a usual 4 mile race but this is where new runners are born and for many this could be a chance to test their racing skills before marathon training begins.

For me, it was just that and a little more. In my last post I had said I wanted to do a sub 7 min mile pace and I was debating actually racing it since the following Monday I would need to be fully rested and ready to pace the awesome AM in the Boston Marathon. It would be a morning time decision and once I learned that AM would be there about 10 mins beforehand I decided to give it a shot.

My body was feeling a little sluggish but nothing too extreme. I had made sure to drink fluids and get some decent sleep. I ran up from 33rd to use it as a warm up/test run and everything felt pretty good. Alot of times I will tell what kind of run it will be right out of the gate. If I am feeling good when I start I know it will be a good day, on the flip side, it wont be that wonderful.

As we all lined up I met another TFK runner in my corral and we chatted about the upcoming marathon and how exciting it is to be so close to the training season yet again. I went and looked for AM but didn’t see her anywhere, so trucked back and we were about 5 mins from starting.

Once the gun went off the energy started to fill the blue colored skies but yet I was still nervous. There was no warming up for me, I had to go out of the gate like an lion chasing his prey. I was in with runners going at about a 7:20-30 pace and knew I had to pass them and hope to settle into a rhythm. From previous experience I knew where Mile 1 would be and once we shot up Cat’s Hill and went around a couple bends,  I looked down at my watch I was at 6:58… right on target with two secs to spare. I had visualized this course from previous races and training runs and knew there would be a straight shot I could use to build momentum and to gain some extra seconds as there was a slight incline you need to factor in.

Once we crossed over to 102nd street I was still on target and right under 14:00 mins which was right at Mile 2. They provided a water station which I was so happy to see because it was a little more humid than I am generally used to. I went to grab one cup…


go to grab a second…..


You GOTTA be kidding me! I said, if I go back I will  lose time and I can’t afford to lose any time… I’ll just wait for the next one. Easier said than done. We got to about 2.5 miles and there was a water fountain on the side I stopped at and said, OK I need water…. screw this goal time, I just need to hydrate. Now of course there is a non racer taking his good ol time drinking and then he realized I was a racer and got out of the way real quick.

slurp, slurp, slurp

Back on the course settled back into my pace and felt ALOT BETTER. We made our way over to 80th street and I knew we were at about 3/4 of a mile away and that if I can just hold out I had enough for a strong finish. Then a nice little cramp decided to settle into my right side right as I was starting to make my usual turn onto 72nd street to the finish. I had to gut it out, I had to ignore the pain, I had to finish strong. At this point I didn’t really know my actual time as I figured that I was out of reach back when I got water on the side but when I looked down on my watch it read 28:03….

AGAIN… you GOTTA be kidding me!

My official time was 28:04… 5 seconds short of an overall average pace of 6:59… The average for this race… 7:01 which I am still very proud of, but to know I was so close, but yet so far and if I hadnt missed Mile 2 water station and stopped on the side I would have had a good shot at it. Well you can’t win them all and now I can retreat and focus on how to become faster and practice grabbing water cups.

Next up… BOSTON… to pace Anisha who is going to dominate, rock, and be awesome in a race that she QUALIFIED for. I have been training with her for a couple months (credit those runs and her for getting me faster) and am very proud of her progression, and sheer dedication of following through 110% in getting a better time for herself.

HAPPY RUNNING (in beantown!)

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Scotland 10k and Spring Races!

April 3, 2010

Hey there my loyal running supporters!

So with April comes a whole new year for running the roads of NYC and the first race to officially kick-off the spring race season, the Scotland 10k!

I actually DID NOT race in this one as coming off my half-marathon PR I don’t want to push my body to far with the new Marathon training season fast approaching. This wasn’t about me, but about two of my closer friends… Leighann and CJ. They both were out on the NYC Marathon course during my first ever marathon with a HUGE GO MARK sign (see Full Race Report) and ever since then they debated getting back into running and doing some races. In fact they came out a couple weeks ago to run Central Park for the first time and as it might have been tough for them, they muscled through and did great.

As for the actual race… like with any race, the energy is amped up a bit more and there is a lot of excitement in the air. For longer races you want to try to keep composed and not “lose” yourself in the festivities and excitement. Even though I would not race this, I could feel the energy and how it lured me into wanting to race. I met Leighann and CJ at CC, and we went right by the start where we did a little stretching and figured out where I would be and a bit of a race plan.

I agreed I would run up to mile 2 and wait for them there as at that point you will start approaching 102nd street and the backside of Harlem Hill. We figured since it is the most difficult hill of the course I would be their “rabbit” in getting through it.

I saw the elites run past which was just amazing. Having the timer right there and calculating their splits just put me in awe.

Race leader at mile 2

After about 20 mins or so, Leighann and CJ come running by yelling and I jump right in ready to charge them up and around Harlem Hill. At this point both of them looked great but once we hit Harlem you could see the effort they were putting out. They made it up the long, long, and brutal Harlem to run by a shower of water which was well deserved!

We made our way up another hill which can be tough at this point of the race and esp after working hard to get up Harlem, and made our way to the East side of the park to make the trek down.

Conversation was slight, but I kept encouraging them and kept telling them they looked great that they are doing awesome and that we only have less than 3 miles to go. In reality they WERE doing great and at some points were able to pick up the pace. At about mile 4 or so they had fluid stations which I encouraged both of them to drink up and to finish strong. We were back into the “normal” part of the park by the 72nd street transverse and it was only about 8 minutes to the finish. I kept telling them to keep pushing, stay strong, that you guys are going to finish in style looking great!

The rest of the course at this point was relatively flat and easier than what they had just waged with Harlem. Going this direction you don’t hit as many hills so if you haven’t burned out with the north end, the rest should be easy coasting. For Leighann and CJ, their 10k debut would be no doubt a great performance, of sheer intensity, determination and pure will to finish.

I wanted to let them finish and was going to pull out but the barricades were up, so I said, what the heck Ill run them to the finish. We were looping at the bottom of the park, up on the West Side, right by Columbus Circle and up that slight slight hill towards Tavern on the Green and to the finish line. The crowds got a bit bigger and you could hear cheering and the PA Announcer and at that moment you know you will make it home. They ran to the finish together and the finished proud with a ton of heart.

Congratulations to both of you for sticking with a goal of running a 10k, and completing the race!

The champions for the day

Spring Races

So after the half marathon, I decided that I need a realistic new goal that I can sort of train for but not with the intensity and duration like a marathon or even a half. With so many of the springs races being my NYRR debuts last year, I figured I would do them again this year, only faster.

First one on my list is this Sunday, April 11th, it is the 4 mile Run as One. My goal time is under 28 mins which will be a sub 7 min mile. After reviewing my splits in the half marathon and the tempo runs I do with AM, it might just be possible. If all fails, I will have another shot the very next week with the Run for the Parks on April 18th which also is a 4 mile race.

If I am able to achieve this new goal, entering the marathon training season will bring alot more confidence as I am about 98% sure I will do it and enter the world of, finishing with a goal time.

Race update to come after Sunday… if you are in the NYC area and/or running the race, good luck and come cheer ALL the runners on. Even though I am running for time, there are alot of people who are running for the very first time, just like I was last year. Every single runner (like I posted in my about me) has a story to tell and for me, that is the beauty of this sport and people that are part of the great great community.

Happy Running!

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NYC Half-marathon… PR!!!


This was my first “official” race of 2010.

Going from the NYC Marathon in November, trying to fit in mantainence runs during the winter and having the NYC Half be the gate to spring, I really was not expecting anything but to FINISH.

Most recently I have been doing alot of training runs with AM and LL as AM is gearing up for Boston and LL is well, just nuts! Our best and first run as a trio we tore through the CP loop in just a little over 44 mins which was a PR for all of us. Our benchmark has been set and now we are shooting for 42 mins next week.

As for the NYC half, the only thing that got me through was doing speed work with AM and running no less than 6 miles on any run. If I had run more, and trained a little more I most likely could have gotten a much better time, but I’ll take this PR.


It was an awesome morning with beautiful weather and a great great course. I had plans to meet up with some friends for brunch afterwards and joked that we would have to finish in a certain time in order to make it there… all I could think about was a “lumberjack” breakfast perhaps w/ some “adult” drinks. yum.

We started at around 95th and 5th ave and would do the back end of harlem hill, wrap all the way down at the end of the park for mile 8, exit and go through Times Sq and work our way to the West Side Highway (WSH) and finish at Battery Park City. Not too bad, right? WRONG.

I started off really well clocking in around 7 min miles for the first 5 miles including doing Harlem Hill in sub 8 to maintain the pace. This was good but also the worse thing I could do. Since I had been training at a 10k length when I hit mile 7 I hit my wall. We were still in Central Park and all I could think at this point was to get the heck out of the park and the rest will be relatively easy since there will be no hills and it will be broken up pretty well w/ Times Sq and WSH. Ummmmmm, no not at all.

Mile 7 / The wall has been hit

I never thought I would not be able to finish, but I was hating Tmes Sq even though alot of my training runs I go right through and its one of the BEST parts. NOT TODAY.

Once I exited the park, Evan from TFK jumped out slapped me high five and got me going for a little (Great to see him out there cheering us on!).  The entire time through Times Sq I tried to maintain a decent pace though it was very difficult as I felt like I was at mile 18 of the marathon. My wall had come and I had to fight through. Well the cage match was out, and the fight was on. Turning right on 42nd Street we had a little ways to the WSH and I saw one of our TFK staff members (forgot his name) and he ran with me a little as I told him that I ran the first half way to fast but that I was going to finish this.

As we hit WSH we had to make a right hand turn (new route this year) to go up to 44th street and a straight shot down to Battery Park. It was a little hard seeing all these runners going down as you had to go up to just go back down, but we continued on. Since I was wearing my TFK race singlet with my name on it, throughout the race there was people cheering for me and it reminded me of the marathon in November. A fellow runner ran up next to me, and told me, Martini your looking great, keep it up! I in reality felt like hell at this point but appreciated his support.

The straight shot of the WSH should be the fastest part of the race, but for me it was the slowest. There was gaps where a few people cheering would be which seemed to be spread apart pretty well, as I kept pushing just to get to the next one. A couple times I had to just stop and walk and if it was a water stop I took the gatorade and water then move on. At one point I saw my friend Dani which helped alot!

It was a fight to the end but I managed to get to the 400 meter sign though mile 11 just never really seemed to have ever ever come!

I was thinking at one point that I HAD to make sure I enough in the tank to get me 400 meters and across the finish line and considered walking a little before hand but opted to not be a wuss and to fight through it. At around the 200 meter mark I noticed a fellow runner struggling to finish and I ran next to him and yelled at him that we are finishing, to lets go suck it up!

We ran to the finish and crossed in 1:38:27… a PR for me and a pure example of what your mind and body are capable of truly doing.

BEST Finish line pic

So as spring is upon us my next goal will be to improve my race times in the 4 mile races and continue to find new runners who will find a entire new world they never knew existed through running. NYC Marathon training begins in June and it looks like I will be joining Team for Kids again and run my second marathon.

Thanks for all the support and be on the look out for more posts as the weather gets warmer!

Happy running!

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So, it has been over a month since I have posted any sort of blog post… sorry to all my loyal followers… alot needed to be taken care of before I was able to start writing consistently but I am back in action!

With the running scene, being off felt good but trying to get back in HAS NOT!

My next big race is the NYC Half marathon which has been moved from August to March for the very first time. There is a very exciting professional field including Deena Kastor and Meb returns to run in NYC for the first time since winning the NYC Marathon.

As for my training and race goals. Ummmmm finish I suppose. I have been doing a 6 mile run base a few times a week, but I doubt that will net a PR for me. Looking back on the NYC Marathon splits, I had run a 1:40 half. I could possibly do a sub 2 but rather shoot for a 1:35 finish time. Will that happen, doubtful, will I try my hardest with the time and resources I have now… absolutely.

More updates to come, but wanted to make a light re-entry into the blogging world…. more posts to come including my decision on the NYC Marathon 2010!!!

Happy Running!!!!

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Happy 2010!

HAPPY 2010!

So, it is 2010 and I didn’t actually write a 2009 year in review as most of my fellow runner bloggers did, however, considering I did my first ever marathon in the greatest city in the world 2009 was by far the best year of my entire life. No summary really needed, just the long lasting memories of  new and wonderful experiences and people I met.

Onto 2010!

For the start of this year has the typical energy and allure of starting over, pursuing new goals and making those resolutions. For me, its about finding my true passion and if running truly is. I sincerely believe it is, as I have been at this for a few years and seriously running for a year. I could literally put up my shoes and retire them away since I achieved one of the greatest goal to any human, the 26.2 mile marathon.

However, I have learned that running isn’t about the distance you run or how fast you run it, but more about the lifestyle that comes with it. The 2009 Marathon training season taught me so much about myself and how I want my life to be, and while in training I felt my life was so much better, so much more focused and the self satisfaction every human desires, I had every single day. The biggest struggle for me is learning how to incorporate a new running regimen into my life and how far I am able to push that.

You ask any serious runner and they will  tell you that running makes their life better. Running for me, makes my life better.

So going back to this usual new years resolution/goals. For me I have a couple of goals in mind for my running. I have to start continuing the start-up of my training for the January 24th Grand Prix Half Marathon. I seriously don’t feel like I am totally prepared and hope in two weeks I can make some decent progress on the training. For once in a long time, I seriously am unsure of how I will do and I really don’t think a PR is in my near future.

Some of the other “highlights” for 2010 will be all the numerous NYRR road races that I plan on signing up for and running.

March ___ (TBD) a few of my sister’s friends have been inspired to run and plan on doing a 5k race in Central NJ. I told them if they train and actually run I will run the race with them and help them cross that finish line. I put this as a highlight because I know how wonderful it was to be part of a “real” race and to run and finish something that led to so many great things and I truly hope they all follow through on their resolution.

On Saturday, May 14th I plan on running the Ragner Relay Race which consists on running as a team (different legs) from Woodstock, NY to NYC. It will  cover  175 miles and will be done with some of my closest running friends.

September 24th-September 26th me and my friend Anisha will be running the Lake Tahoe Triple Marathon. Yes, triple is three and the marathon is 26.2. It is the first of it’s kind I have ever heard about and from what I hear it will be the biggest challenge and one of the biggest races for me this year. Beginning on Friday we will complete three marathon distance races totaling 78.6 miles in one weekend ending on Sunday. Let’s just say I will probably need a full week to recover from this one.

November 7th. Should I go any further? Yes, even after a relay race from Woodstock to NYC and a Tahoe Triple, I still am hoping to do the New York City Marathon with Team for Kids all over again!

2010 shou… WILL  be a wonderful  year and I can’t wait to get started!

Happy running and thanks for all the support! HAPPY 2010!

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I got a brand new CW-X!

Hey there my loyal supporters! How many of you thought right away I got  new car or SUV of some sorts? Sure sounds like it right!? Not quite, but it’s better!

The CW-X is a by product of Wacoal Sports Science Corporation, headquartered right here in NYC. Their mission is  to meet the sports performance needs of the active US consumer through the CW-X brand, the world’s first truly anatomically-engineered high performance sports apparel. (thats a mouthful, right!?)

In simple terms, these sports apparel gear just rock and look AWESOME! To learn more about CW-X, take a moment to watch part of this cool video… this stuff looks pretty high tech and advanced….

If any of you really know me, I do like functionality over looks. As a designer I truly am what you consider a functional designer. Sure, I want things to look cool, but it HAS to have a purpose.

So when I first heard about these pants, my first thought was WOW, they look advanced, something only real runners wear. Well, now maybe I can consider myself a real runner who wants to continue to build and become stronger. Will these pants be the answer to a 6:30 minute per mile? Will they make me run a 1:30 half marathon? I highly doubt it, but I think they will help me get through this surprise cold weather and small blizzard we just got hit with.

The main attraction of these compression pants that I got, are the tight knit weaving that follow the natural contours of the human body to help support and stabilize during rigorous activity.

I ran with them for the first time tonight and compared to the regular Under Armour tights I have, I COULD feel the difference. Did I just feel like I was going faster because of the fact that it was already in my head for months? Perhaps, but I did run pretty good tonight and going through Central Park was totally different with all the snow. I thought it was pretty peaceful even though I had 2Pac playing in the background.

I certainly have lost some conditioning and only time will help me regain that fitness back. I read somewhere that during the winter months, you are not supposed to run fast, that it is the maintenance season, however this is me, and I only know one speed and that’s fast. Perhaps I really should try and work on that.

In any event, got the new pants to help with the cold winter that is upon us. And, on a previous note (blog) my student runner did decide to back-out of running the half marathon in January but will try for a spring half. I am all for it and understandably, even some of my fellow “serious” runners on my blog rolls have mentioned how they don’t like running in the cold. Check their blogs out as well, they all have some interesting topics now that the “off-season” is upon us.

I will definitely be hitting the roads and the gym during the Holiday season and through January. I would love to get a 1:35 for the January 24th half marathon but with this weather and a possible triple marathon in September, I may just not worry too much about a PR. If its cold now, imagine what it will be like in one month, oh boy!

Stay warm but try and go and run if you can! And there are two of my runner friends who read this and are on my blog roll who I will be dedicating every run for. And not for nothing, but tonight I did stop and thought of you both and how you would die to be able to feel fatigued from running. It inspired me and I kept going. It will continue to keep inspiring me as you both work your tails off to get back on the roads.

Happy Running!

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Get to know your running…. buddy

Hey there supporters. I wanted to post real quick since I haven’t posted in awhile. I will update further on some changes that occurred… nothing bad just some interesting twists that goes to show you, you just never know!

In the meantime I found this runner blogger who filled out this runner survey and thought, why not  use it as my next post, so here it is with all OF MY ANSWERS. ENJOY and THANKS for all the continued support!

Miles last week: 7 (still recovering physically)

Your first Race: Road race – Mayor’s 5K Run to Break the Silence of Ovarian Cancer, October 2008

Your last Race: ING NYC Marathon / 11.01.2009

When/Why did you start running: I started back in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2008 I started doing actual races.

Favorite Race: ING NYC Marathon

Favorite Distance:
I would have to say the half and full marathon. Both will test your physical and mental limits and when you cross that finish line you will know all the hard work has paid off and you will be transformed for life.

Mistake you always make while racing:
Going out way to fast at the start.

Your mantra is: During training it was, “I run for those who can’t. I suffer pain so others don’t. I am training to make a difference”.

Favorite food before a race or long run: Night before, Penne pasta. Morning of, bagel with peanut butter and water/Gatorade with one GU

Favorite Gadget: Gadgets won’t make you run faster.

Something *strange* you always need on a run? Drivers license. I fear if I get in an accident they  might need to identify me. Awful, I know.

Amount of races you’ve done in your life? 12 official races

Amount of races you’ve done this year?
Nine. And since it was part of the 9+1 program of the New York Road Runners, I am guaranteed for the 2010 NYC Marathon! ENCORE!

When I can’t run, I: try and find other things to keep my mind occupied. Or, I’ll go cross train like swimming. I have always enjoyed swimming.

Music or no Music? Depends. Considering last night during my 4 mile run I stopped by the Apple store and bought the shuffle, I would yes now. During training, I stopped using it because I was with my team, Team for Kids.

Favorite book? My friend Dani just gave me, Pre. The story of Steve Prefontaine and so far it can make my top 5 list.

Favorite Movie? Assuming this is being kept in the running circle so I would have to say, Run for your Life, The story of Fred Lebow and the NYC Marathon. I get goose bumps at the end every time I watch it.

Favorite Runner? Kara and Ryan. I was lucky enough to meet both of them and they are genuinely nice people besides being the best American runners!

Favorite brand of apparel?
Nike and Asics.

Favorite brand of shoes? 

How many pairs of running shoes do you have? 2

How many pairs do you actually use?
1, may have to start alternating them but I will have to mark the “marathon” shoes in order to accurately log them.

Next Challenge ahead:
It would probably be the Lake Tahoe Triple Marathon (YES, 3 Marathons in ONE 3 day weekend!). My friend Anisha suckered me into it and like the marathon I probably don’t know what I am really getting into.

A Goal further ahead you’d like to get to someday:
Stay healthy, continue to run and enjoy it as much as the first time I ran the streets of NYC.

PR you’re most proud of:
It HAS to be the Poland Spring Marathon “fun run”. I wore a green long haired wig that I gelled up into a mohawk. I got so many comments on it, it was awesome!

Fuel on long run or race is: GU energy gels (Tri-berry flavor).

Last/current injury:
Last major injury was shin splints. They hurt so bad, was the worse pain in my life. Currently my toes have been hurting, getting checked out Friday.

Why do you run? I run because I can. I run to stay healthy. I run to chase my demons. I run to inspire myself and others.

Happy Running!

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Non-runner, Runner, Marathoner, Coach… WAIT COACH!?

Hello my supporters!

Some people can settle to attain one goal and call it a day, but if you have learned anything about me over the course of 8 months I am not one to do such…. SO…..

I have decided to go back on one goal for the great cause of another… NO PR (personal record) for the January 24th Manhattan Half Marathon, but instead I will “coach” a willing and dedicated non-runner (quickly and surely turned into one of us crazy runners!) who plans on running 13.1 miles. SIDE NOTE: I use the word “coach” lightly as I am not a certified coach of any kind, but I like to spread the good word of running through my own personal experience and proven background and if someone is willing to allow me to “suggest” distances, speedwork and other running related work-outs including calling me ‘coach” then in our little running world, I am a coach.

Its funny because after my “disaster” of a run on Sunday, this is exactly what I needed to keep going. Before, while I was in training a bad run would come and go, knowing there was the ultimate goal. I have had a ton of them throughout the season. Now, when there is an awful run it hits harder because there isn’t any reason to train, besides to just run.

While I was out Sunday morning completing 7 miles, 6 miles of good ol Central Park and running 6 hill repeats, I wondered to myself why am I doing this to myself. There was no real motivation except to do it and prove I could. But, for what. I have achieved the goal I set out to do and laid it all out on race day and did well. What else is there to personally strive for, right now.

The fire has been tamed, but not for long. A different kind of fire is a brewing, and its to coach the ones who want to feel and experience the thrill of completing something they have never thought possible. So for those of you who thought the “first-timer” postings have ended, not quite. This will be my first-time taking someone under my wing to help them achieve something they may have doubts about. Running will be the vehicle of choice but it really is a life lesson and discovery adventure. Dreaming of what is possible and discovering you truly can reach it.

I am personally thrilled that someone actually wants to go out 3 times a week (at a minimum) to train for an endurance event they have never done before. I have a renewed sense of duty and excitement that will drive me through December and into the new year. I will recount the workouts but will limit it to my perspective as a “coach”. I’ll let our true rockstar post their own blog on their first time journey (which you know I will HIGHLY encourage).


So, about this runner. Her name is Prisilla, we met in college and through the ever popular social media site, Facebook have been keeping in touch. As early as a couple nights ago she expressed interest in running 13.1 miles. So as any conversation would naturally transcend it led to me suggesting that she run a couple loops with me, to Ill train you for your first endurance event. She agreed and here we are. I also would like to mention that our lovely DErunnerNIAL has decided to join us and since there are more than two of us we have been quickly elevated to a “group”.

Our “group” will be meeting twice during the week and on Saturday mornings for the next 8 weeks to prepare for a wonderful 13.1 mile race. Since DErunnerNIAL has run the marathon, my personal goal with her is to get her faster and maintain the awesome fitness she has achieved during the marathon. We’ll have to determine where Prisilla is at, fitness wise but ultimately it is to have her run her first half-marathon, in style and all smiles! I like that, I just came up with it, but we will use that as our motto.

We run hard, we run fast but we always run in style and all smiles!

We begin on Thursday night (rain or stars in the sky) with a nice meet and greet, warm-up jog to 81st (the old TFK meeting spot), warm up stretch, then up and out on the reservoir where we will complete two full loops with the second being faster than the first. Since this is the first workout of the season, the main goal is to complete the full work-out at a comfortable pace (conversational pace). As the days go by, the work-outs will intensify as it is a relatively short training season and we will need to kick it into high gear.

As readers and supporters of me, Prisilla and DErunnerNIAL I hope you will keep coming back to read all the updates on their training and hopefully be inspired and discover that anything is possible.

I wrote an email to Prisilla earlier and stated this:

“3/4 of the battle in training for an endurance event is not completing the race, but attempting it.”

I truly believe this is the truth for anything in life. I welcome you to a new adventure and for those new readers, THANK YOU for reading and be sure to check back often to read about the progress and adventure this “NEW” training season will bring.

Happy Running!

Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | November 25, 2009

Re-training begins…

Hey there my loyal supporters! So, yes just like the title states, we are entering “re-training” mode. For what you may ask… read further to find out.

Yes, the NYRR Half Marathon Grand Prix. The first of five races takes place January 24th in Manhattan. For those of you unaware of the GPrix Series, it is 5 races that covers all 5 boroughs of NYC.

Now, considering this is just a half-marathon you must be wondering why I would want to “train” for it. For a number of reasons it’s smart to get into training mode. I am the type of person that needs goals and the challenge of achieving that goal, no matter how big or small and I want a finish time of 1:35:00, which is 5 mins faster than my half marathon split time of 1:40.

The record for the half-marathon is currently held by Samuel Wanjiru with a blazing finishing time of 58 mins and 33 seconds in 2007. UNREAL!

Samuel Wanjiru, breaking a world record in the 2007 Fortis City-Pier-City Half Marathon

Samuel Wanjiru, breaking a world record in the 2007 Fortis City-Pier-City Half Marathon

My training has sort of begun as I ran last night (4.5 miles) and will resume on Sunday with what I like to call the 6 + 6. 6 miles and 6 hill repeats in Central Park. My runs will be complimented by gym strength work-outs and everything I basically did to prepare for the marathon, except for no long long runs. I may cap my long runs at 11 miles per session to avoid burn-out and more importantly, injuries.

There are no scheduled road races for the rest of the year besides volunteering at the Emerald Nuts New Years Eve run, which should be a BLAST! My friend Dani plans on joining me to cheer on the runners and sip a few glasses of champange. Now THATs the way to welcome in 2010, oh and I forgot, they’ll be a few fireworks going off as well.

Fun, fun, fun!

As for the 5 half marathons for the year? Well, not sure but if you DO complete all five… you receive a certificate, a special gift, and public recognition of your achievement. Pretty cool.

Also, we all have to cheer and support Angela on attempting to do ALL FIVE races. I originally told her she should do ONE (Manhattan) but then on her blog it states that I “peer pressured her” into doing ALL FIVE. NOT TRUE… but since I read THAT, I will hold her to it… so lets all ban together to support Runnerindenial as she embarks on completing all FIVE!


More updates to come, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Running!

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