Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | August 21, 2011

Training continues… Barney style!

Hey there my loyal marathon supporters.

With just about 75 days until race day, training has been going slow but well. Wrapped up a 14 mile run last Wednesday and did a quick 6.6 mile run via the NYC SummerStreets that took us down Park Ave without any vehicle traffic.

While the 14 mile run was my longest run of the training season, it reminded me of why this marathon distance is so intimidating.

I decided to run it by mixing it up with my 4 mile city loop and doing one full loop of Central Park. Though the pace was pretty even and much better than I had expected it was still a tough tough run.

It gave me the inspiration to keep going on this journey and to look forward to November 6th when we take to the streets of NYC once again.

While logging in all my miles I got a chance to reflect on my journey from 2009 and where I was at as a comparison. The mileage and pace were almost identical with the exception of a couple of short runs and it gave me confidence that I am right on track with the training.

My next long run will either be later today or tomorrow and am shooting for a nice 16 mile run. As I prepare for the longest run since February in which I ran a 16 miler with nutty butty, I was reminded of a funny episode of How I Met Your Mother my wonderful girlfriend had showed me awhile back.

This is the Barney Stinson’s way of how to run a marathon.

Happy Running!


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