Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | July 25, 2011

2 hours running through NYC rain

Hey there my loyal supporters!

Today was an eventful and beautiful day (though some of you may disagree). I had the wonderful chance to run through the NYC rain once more. It seems as though on the last couple of runs I have been caught in a torrential downpour of some degree during a training run. It gave me an opportunity to reflect on my inner self and why I enjoy running and why I enjoy running even more in the rain.

I planned on running about 12/13 miles based on how I felt. The run on 1st avenue to begin the first couple of miles felt OK, though I thought my stomach wouldn’t last. As I began the ascend up on the Queensboro Bridge the stomach felt better and I felt the run would be successful as long as my body and legs would not fail me.

As I turned off Queensboro and headed into the concrete jungle., the rain began and I began to feel more excited. Not just because the weather was SO MUCH cooler but that the rain would only enhance the run and I hoped it would last the entire run.

When I made it back into Manhattan and in the thick of the brush, my shuffle failed me (it may be time to RIP this one). Though I was upset I would be without my music I was forced into listening to to the sounds of the city and my own heartbeat and rythm. I began to realize this was how my run was meant to happen and I embraced it. As the rain dribbled off of me, as I splashed through puddles and as I watched as people try and “cover and hide” from the rain, I pondered why.

Why is it that so many people don’t just go out and play in the rain as when they were children?

Why not splash through a puddle and stand up and allow the drops hit off your face?

When I began to tire and fatigue I would just let the rain wash away any fear and doubt and it gave me strength to keep moving forward. It truly was a transcendent experience and made me realize the beauty of mother nature.

The time of the run or distance did not matter, the goal was reached without me realizing what it began as. The goal of being so entrenched in something you forget reality was fully achieved and realized. As I walked back to recover I stood there continuing to let the rain take me to another place.

I really did not want to return.

I truly was a child enjoying the moment without any care in the world.

Next time you see rain, don’t run from it. Instead consider running in it and realize your inner child.

Happy Running!


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