Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | January 18, 2011


Hey there my loyal supporters!

I have not been posting much due to personal and work related things but trying to get back on track for the new year! which on that note I should wish every single one of you a happy new year!

On the running front I have run more this winter than last surprisingly but def not where I should/need to be. I was tempted to run the Manhattan Half coming up this Saturday but my base is only at 6-7 miles. The conditioning and speed still needs to be addressed as my finish time would not be like the last. I rather be in shape and ready than have a disappointing finish time.

Moving away from running for a moment, I had a chance to visit Orlando for just two days as my awesome friend Anisha (who ran Boston and is an exceptional runner) got married! Some of you may know her since I have blogged about her and our running escapades. Here is a photo of her beautiful wedding.

Anisha & Jon wedding


Not only did Anisha run Boston last year, while working ridiculous hours but she added a 50 mile ULTRA marathon all the while she was planning her entire wedding. If that isnt inspiring and just absolutely AMAZING I don’t know what is.

Lets hear it for the AMAZING Anisha, the newly wed and an absolute gem of a runner and friend!

I think I am so inspired by her I am going to go for a run now. HAPPY RUNNING!


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