Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | June 2, 2010

Ultra + Marathon…. training begins….

The Shot

A moment captured in time of one of the greatest athletes of all time… Michael Jordan. This particular moment was right after MJ hit the game & series winning shot against the Cavaliers (when LeBron was 5 years old) and truly began of the greatest dynasties American professional sports has ever seen.

I like to draw upon this moment as a captured piece of time not only for winning but for all the dedication and effort it took to get to that point. It is why I decided to begin on a new journey of completing what seems to be impossible, that only the immortal running gods could complete… an Ultra Marathon which will consist of running 50 miles… non-stop (or the least amount of stopping).

This moment of MJ jumping up in pure mental and physical exhaustion knowing everything he chose and did up to that point was correct, coming out on top, not only in the eyes of basketball peers and fans, but of himself is truly stellar and worth celebrating.

I never have and never will undermine everyone’s accomplishment of any distance they have run or walked because everyone should be celebrated. To complete any race no matter the distance or time is a huge win and for that I am proud of everyone. I personally have just decided to take it one step further, to challenge myself more physically and mentally. It is one of the moments in my life where I can honestly say, I am not sure if I will be able to do something like this. When I was training for NYC last year I knew deep down I could and would do it. For this 50 I am probably at about a 70% confidence level of knowing that I will be able to physically do it. As the training begins, I know I will get into the grove, the routine and that confidence level will go up.

I must mention that this is without a great friend and running “butty”, Anisha who encouraged me to do this with her. I kid and blame her for this, but I am thankful she introduce me to push myself even further than I ever thought possible. For those of you who don’t know Anisha, she is the awesome runner who qualified to run Boston last year in NYC, then proceeded to pull out a PR in Boston with a incredible time of 3:36:25…. so this girl knows how to run and more importantly how to pace and mentally keep it together. She is truly an inspiration and I am very excited to be running and training with her for this.

So I will leave you all (my loyal followers and supporters) our 18 week training schedule that we will be following. Please note in the latter portion the weekend runs will consist of not just one 20+ run but two which will be run on a Sat then another 20+ on Sun. It is this part that kind of freaks me out, but doing it with someone will help relieve any anxiety. Along with training for this 50 miler, I still do plan on running the ING NYC Marathon on November 7th, but hopefully being able to fully enjoy every facet and nuance of the race. This training season will be rough, grueling, it will test every mental capacity I got, but I hope and believe that at the end I will be jumping like my child idol, MJ did way back in ’89 (or as much as I am able to jump, if at all!)

Stay tuned for a full race report about the 50 miler we will be doing and the first week of training.

It begins…. today!

Happy running my loyal supporters!

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