Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | April 16, 2010

Five seconds…. short

Hey there all my loyal running supporters.

So it has been about 5 days since my last race (Run as One) and besides the NYC Marathon this was the only race I was set on accomplishing a goal with. Now many of you may think, well its just a usual 4 mile race but this is where new runners are born and for many this could be a chance to test their racing skills before marathon training begins.

For me, it was just that and a little more. In my last post I had said I wanted to do a sub 7 min mile pace and I was debating actually racing it since the following Monday I would need to be fully rested and ready to pace the awesome AM in the Boston Marathon. It would be a morning time decision and once I learned that AM would be there about 10 mins beforehand I decided to give it a shot.

My body was feeling a little sluggish but nothing too extreme. I had made sure to drink fluids and get some decent sleep. I ran up from 33rd to use it as a warm up/test run and everything felt pretty good. Alot of times I will tell what kind of run it will be right out of the gate. If I am feeling good when I start I know it will be a good day, on the flip side, it wont be that wonderful.

As we all lined up I met another TFK runner in my corral and we chatted about the upcoming marathon and how exciting it is to be so close to the training season yet again. I went and looked for AM but didn’t see her anywhere, so trucked back and we were about 5 mins from starting.

Once the gun went off the energy started to fill the blue colored skies but yet I was still nervous. There was no warming up for me, I had to go out of the gate like an lion chasing his prey. I was in with runners going at about a 7:20-30 pace and knew I had to pass them and hope to settle into a rhythm. From previous experience I knew where Mile 1 would be and once we shot up Cat’s Hill and went around a couple bends,  I looked down at my watch I was at 6:58… right on target with two secs to spare. I had visualized this course from previous races and training runs and knew there would be a straight shot I could use to build momentum and to gain some extra seconds as there was a slight incline you need to factor in.

Once we crossed over to 102nd street I was still on target and right under 14:00 mins which was right at Mile 2. They provided a water station which I was so happy to see because it was a little more humid than I am generally used to. I went to grab one cup…


go to grab a second…..


You GOTTA be kidding me! I said, if I go back I will  lose time and I can’t afford to lose any time… I’ll just wait for the next one. Easier said than done. We got to about 2.5 miles and there was a water fountain on the side I stopped at and said, OK I need water…. screw this goal time, I just need to hydrate. Now of course there is a non racer taking his good ol time drinking and then he realized I was a racer and got out of the way real quick.

slurp, slurp, slurp

Back on the course settled back into my pace and felt ALOT BETTER. We made our way over to 80th street and I knew we were at about 3/4 of a mile away and that if I can just hold out I had enough for a strong finish. Then a nice little cramp decided to settle into my right side right as I was starting to make my usual turn onto 72nd street to the finish. I had to gut it out, I had to ignore the pain, I had to finish strong. At this point I didn’t really know my actual time as I figured that I was out of reach back when I got water on the side but when I looked down on my watch it read 28:03….

AGAIN… you GOTTA be kidding me!

My official time was 28:04… 5 seconds short of an overall average pace of 6:59… The average for this race… 7:01 which I am still very proud of, but to know I was so close, but yet so far and if I hadnt missed Mile 2 water station and stopped on the side I would have had a good shot at it. Well you can’t win them all and now I can retreat and focus on how to become faster and practice grabbing water cups.

Next up… BOSTON… to pace Anisha who is going to dominate, rock, and be awesome in a race that she QUALIFIED for. I have been training with her for a couple months (credit those runs and her for getting me faster) and am very proud of her progression, and sheer dedication of following through 110% in getting a better time for herself.

HAPPY RUNNING (in beantown!)


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