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Scotland 10k and Spring Races!

April 3, 2010

Hey there my loyal running supporters!

So with April comes a whole new year for running the roads of NYC and the first race to officially kick-off the spring race season, the Scotland 10k!

I actually DID NOT race in this one as coming off my half-marathon PR I don’t want to push my body to far with the new Marathon training season fast approaching. This wasn’t about me, but about two of my closer friends… Leighann and CJ. They both were out on the NYC Marathon course during my first ever marathon with a HUGE GO MARK sign (see Full Race Report) and ever since then they debated getting back into running and doing some races. In fact they came out a couple weeks ago to run Central Park for the first time and as it might have been tough for them, they muscled through and did great.

As for the actual race… like with any race, the energy is amped up a bit more and there is a lot of excitement in the air. For longer races you want to try to keep composed and not “lose” yourself in the festivities and excitement. Even though I would not race this, I could feel the energy and how it lured me into wanting to race. I met Leighann and CJ at CC, and we went right by the start where we did a little stretching and figured out where I would be and a bit of a race plan.

I agreed I would run up to mile 2 and wait for them there as at that point you will start approaching 102nd street and the backside of Harlem Hill. We figured since it is the most difficult hill of the course I would be their “rabbit” in getting through it.

I saw the elites run past which was just amazing. Having the timer right there and calculating their splits just put me in awe.

Race leader at mile 2

After about 20 mins or so, Leighann and CJ come running by yelling and I jump right in ready to charge them up and around Harlem Hill. At this point both of them looked great but once we hit Harlem you could see the effort they were putting out. They made it up the long, long, and brutal Harlem to run by a shower of water which was well deserved!

We made our way up another hill which can be tough at this point of the race and esp after working hard to get up Harlem, and made our way to the East side of the park to make the trek down.

Conversation was slight, but I kept encouraging them and kept telling them they looked great that they are doing awesome and that we only have less than 3 miles to go. In reality they WERE doing great and at some points were able to pick up the pace. At about mile 4 or so they had fluid stations which I encouraged both of them to drink up and to finish strong. We were back into the “normal” part of the park by the 72nd street transverse and it was only about 8 minutes to the finish. I kept telling them to keep pushing, stay strong, that you guys are going to finish in style looking great!

The rest of the course at this point was relatively flat and easier than what they had just waged with Harlem. Going this direction you don’t hit as many hills so if you haven’t burned out with the north end, the rest should be easy coasting. For Leighann and CJ, their 10k debut would be no doubt a great performance, of sheer intensity, determination and pure will to finish.

I wanted to let them finish and was going to pull out but the barricades were up, so I said, what the heck Ill run them to the finish. We were looping at the bottom of the park, up on the West Side, right by Columbus Circle and up that slight slight hill towards Tavern on the Green and to the finish line. The crowds got a bit bigger and you could hear cheering and the PA Announcer and at that moment you know you will make it home. They ran to the finish together and the finished proud with a ton of heart.

Congratulations to both of you for sticking with a goal of running a 10k, and completing the race!

The champions for the day

Spring Races

So after the half marathon, I decided that I need a realistic new goal that I can sort of train for but not with the intensity and duration like a marathon or even a half. With so many of the springs races being my NYRR debuts last year, I figured I would do them again this year, only faster.

First one on my list is this Sunday, April 11th, it is the 4 mile Run as One. My goal time is under 28 mins which will be a sub 7 min mile. After reviewing my splits in the half marathon and the tempo runs I do with AM, it might just be possible. If all fails, I will have another shot the very next week with the Run for the Parks on April 18th which also is a 4 mile race.

If I am able to achieve this new goal, entering the marathon training season will bring alot more confidence as I am about 98% sure I will do it and enter the world of, finishing with a goal time.

Race update to come after Sunday… if you are in the NYC area and/or running the race, good luck and come cheer ALL the runners on. Even though I am running for time, there are alot of people who are running for the very first time, just like I was last year. Every single runner (like I posted in my about me) has a story to tell and for me, that is the beauty of this sport and people that are part of the great great community.

Happy Running!



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