Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | March 28, 2010

NYC Half-marathon… PR!!!


This was my first “official” race of 2010.

Going from the NYC Marathon in November, trying to fit in mantainence runs during the winter and having the NYC Half be the gate to spring, I really was not expecting anything but to FINISH.

Most recently I have been doing alot of training runs with AM and LL as AM is gearing up for Boston and LL is well, just nuts! Our best and first run as a trio we tore through the CP loop in just a little over 44 mins which was a PR for all of us. Our benchmark has been set and now we are shooting for 42 mins next week.

As for the NYC half, the only thing that got me through was doing speed work with AM and running no less than 6 miles on any run. If I had run more, and trained a little more I most likely could have gotten a much better time, but I’ll take this PR.


It was an awesome morning with beautiful weather and a great great course. I had plans to meet up with some friends for brunch afterwards and joked that we would have to finish in a certain time in order to make it there… all I could think about was a “lumberjack” breakfast perhaps w/ some “adult” drinks. yum.

We started at around 95th and 5th ave and would do the back end of harlem hill, wrap all the way down at the end of the park for mile 8, exit and go through Times Sq and work our way to the West Side Highway (WSH) and finish at Battery Park City. Not too bad, right? WRONG.

I started off really well clocking in around 7 min miles for the first 5 miles including doing Harlem Hill in sub 8 to maintain the pace. This was good but also the worse thing I could do. Since I had been training at a 10k length when I hit mile 7 I hit my wall. We were still in Central Park and all I could think at this point was to get the heck out of the park and the rest will be relatively easy since there will be no hills and it will be broken up pretty well w/ Times Sq and WSH. Ummmmmm, no not at all.

Mile 7 / The wall has been hit

I never thought I would not be able to finish, but I was hating Tmes Sq even though alot of my training runs I go right through and its one of the BEST parts. NOT TODAY.

Once I exited the park, Evan from TFK jumped out slapped me high five and got me going for a little (Great to see him out there cheering us on!).  The entire time through Times Sq I tried to maintain a decent pace though it was very difficult as I felt like I was at mile 18 of the marathon. My wall had come and I had to fight through. Well the cage match was out, and the fight was on. Turning right on 42nd Street we had a little ways to the WSH and I saw one of our TFK staff members (forgot his name) and he ran with me a little as I told him that I ran the first half way to fast but that I was going to finish this.

As we hit WSH we had to make a right hand turn (new route this year) to go up to 44th street and a straight shot down to Battery Park. It was a little hard seeing all these runners going down as you had to go up to just go back down, but we continued on. Since I was wearing my TFK race singlet with my name on it, throughout the race there was people cheering for me and it reminded me of the marathon in November. A fellow runner ran up next to me, and told me, Martini your looking great, keep it up! I in reality felt like hell at this point but appreciated his support.

The straight shot of the WSH should be the fastest part of the race, but for me it was the slowest. There was gaps where a few people cheering would be which seemed to be spread apart pretty well, as I kept pushing just to get to the next one. A couple times I had to just stop and walk and if it was a water stop I took the gatorade and water then move on. At one point I saw my friend Dani which helped alot!

It was a fight to the end but I managed to get to the 400 meter sign though mile 11 just never really seemed to have ever ever come!

I was thinking at one point that I HAD to make sure I enough in the tank to get me 400 meters and across the finish line and considered walking a little before hand but opted to not be a wuss and to fight through it. At around the 200 meter mark I noticed a fellow runner struggling to finish and I ran next to him and yelled at him that we are finishing, to lets go suck it up!

We ran to the finish and crossed in 1:38:27… a PR for me and a pure example of what your mind and body are capable of truly doing.

BEST Finish line pic

So as spring is upon us my next goal will be to improve my race times in the 4 mile races and continue to find new runners who will find a entire new world they never knew existed through running. NYC Marathon training begins in June and it looks like I will be joining Team for Kids again and run my second marathon.

Thanks for all the support and be on the look out for more posts as the weather gets warmer!

Happy running!



  1. I was working at the fluid station at Canal St and saw you…I think you took a cup from the person next to me. Anyway, congrats on your PR…way to dig deep there at the end!!

    • flygirl! You should have stopped me and said hello!!! Well see… i didnt even know it but YOU gave me that extra push!! It was so hard towards the end… felt like mile 24 of the marathon… my god! What is the next race your doing? And, thank you for being out there volunteering… !

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