Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | March 8, 2010


So, it has been over a month since I have posted any sort of blog post… sorry to all my loyal followers… alot needed to be taken care of before I was able to start writing consistently but I am back in action!

With the running scene, being off felt good but trying to get back in HAS NOT!

My next big race is the NYC Half marathon which has been moved from August to March for the very first time. There is a very exciting professional field including Deena Kastor and Meb returns to run in NYC for the first time since winning the NYC Marathon.

As for my training and race goals. Ummmmm finish I suppose. I have been doing a 6 mile run base a few times a week, but I doubt that will net a PR for me. Looking back on the NYC Marathon splits, I had run a 1:40 half. I could possibly do a sub 2 but rather shoot for a 1:35 finish time. Will that happen, doubtful, will I try my hardest with the time and resources I have now… absolutely.

More updates to come, but wanted to make a light re-entry into the blogging world…. more posts to come including my decision on the NYC Marathon 2010!!!

Happy Running!!!!


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