Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | December 22, 2009

I got a brand new CW-X!

Hey there my loyal supporters! How many of you thought right away I got  new car or SUV of some sorts? Sure sounds like it right!? Not quite, but it’s better!

The CW-X is a by product of Wacoal Sports Science Corporation, headquartered right here in NYC. Their mission is  to meet the sports performance needs of the active US consumer through the CW-X brand, the world’s first truly anatomically-engineered high performance sports apparel. (thats a mouthful, right!?)

In simple terms, these sports apparel gear just rock and look AWESOME! To learn more about CW-X, take a moment to watch part of this cool video… this stuff looks pretty high tech and advanced….

If any of you really know me, I do like functionality over looks. As a designer I truly am what you consider a functional designer. Sure, I want things to look cool, but it HAS to have a purpose.

So when I first heard about these pants, my first thought was WOW, they look advanced, something only real runners wear. Well, now maybe I can consider myself a real runner who wants to continue to build and become stronger. Will these pants be the answer to a 6:30 minute per mile? Will they make me run a 1:30 half marathon? I highly doubt it, but I think they will help me get through this surprise cold weather and small blizzard we just got hit with.

The main attraction of these compression pants that I got, are the tight knit weaving that follow the natural contours of the human body to help support and stabilize during rigorous activity.

I ran with them for the first time tonight and compared to the regular Under Armour tights I have, I COULD feel the difference. Did I just feel like I was going faster because of the fact that it was already in my head for months? Perhaps, but I did run pretty good tonight and going through Central Park was totally different with all the snow. I thought it was pretty peaceful even though I had 2Pac playing in the background.

I certainly have lost some conditioning and only time will help me regain that fitness back. I read somewhere that during the winter months, you are not supposed to run fast, that it is the maintenance season, however this is me, and I only know one speed and that’s fast. Perhaps I really should try and work on that.

In any event, got the new pants to help with the cold winter that is upon us. And, on a previous note (blog) my student runner did decide to back-out of running the half marathon in January but will try for a spring half. I am all for it and understandably, even some of my fellow “serious” runners on my blog rolls have mentioned how they don’t like running in the cold. Check their blogs out as well, they all have some interesting topics now that the “off-season” is upon us.

I will definitely be hitting the roads and the gym during the Holiday season and through January. I would love to get a 1:35 for the January 24th half marathon but with this weather and a possible triple marathon in September, I may just not worry too much about a PR. If its cold now, imagine what it will be like in one month, oh boy!

Stay warm but try and go and run if you can! And there are two of my runner friends who read this and are on my blog roll who I will be dedicating every run for. And not for nothing, but tonight I did stop and thought of you both and how you would die to be able to feel fatigued from running. It inspired me and I kept going. It will continue to keep inspiring me as you both work your tails off to get back on the roads.

Happy Running!


  1. I actually just bought a pair of CW-X’s myself the other day! Different style than yours (more targeted towards ITB support, i think?) Not sure if they will make me faster, but hopefully they will keep my (sh)IT band quiet 🙂 thanks for the “tag”!

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