Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | December 16, 2009

Get to know your running…. buddy

Hey there supporters. I wanted to post real quick since I haven’t posted in awhile. I will update further on some changes that occurred… nothing bad just some interesting twists that goes to show you, you just never know!

In the meantime I found this runner blogger who filled out this runner survey and thought, why not  use it as my next post, so here it is with all OF MY ANSWERS. ENJOY and THANKS for all the continued support!

Miles last week: 7 (still recovering physically)

Your first Race: Road race – Mayor’s 5K Run to Break the Silence of Ovarian Cancer, October 2008

Your last Race: ING NYC Marathon / 11.01.2009

When/Why did you start running: I started back in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2008 I started doing actual races.

Favorite Race: ING NYC Marathon

Favorite Distance:
I would have to say the half and full marathon. Both will test your physical and mental limits and when you cross that finish line you will know all the hard work has paid off and you will be transformed for life.

Mistake you always make while racing:
Going out way to fast at the start.

Your mantra is: During training it was, “I run for those who can’t. I suffer pain so others don’t. I am training to make a difference”.

Favorite food before a race or long run: Night before, Penne pasta. Morning of, bagel with peanut butter and water/Gatorade with one GU

Favorite Gadget: Gadgets won’t make you run faster.

Something *strange* you always need on a run? Drivers license. I fear if I get in an accident they  might need to identify me. Awful, I know.

Amount of races you’ve done in your life? 12 official races

Amount of races you’ve done this year?
Nine. And since it was part of the 9+1 program of the New York Road Runners, I am guaranteed for the 2010 NYC Marathon! ENCORE!

When I can’t run, I: try and find other things to keep my mind occupied. Or, I’ll go cross train like swimming. I have always enjoyed swimming.

Music or no Music? Depends. Considering last night during my 4 mile run I stopped by the Apple store and bought the shuffle, I would yes now. During training, I stopped using it because I was with my team, Team for Kids.

Favorite book? My friend Dani just gave me, Pre. The story of Steve Prefontaine and so far it can make my top 5 list.

Favorite Movie? Assuming this is being kept in the running circle so I would have to say, Run for your Life, The story of Fred Lebow and the NYC Marathon. I get goose bumps at the end every time I watch it.

Favorite Runner? Kara and Ryan. I was lucky enough to meet both of them and they are genuinely nice people besides being the best American runners!

Favorite brand of apparel?
Nike and Asics.

Favorite brand of shoes? 

How many pairs of running shoes do you have? 2

How many pairs do you actually use?
1, may have to start alternating them but I will have to mark the “marathon” shoes in order to accurately log them.

Next Challenge ahead:
It would probably be the Lake Tahoe Triple Marathon (YES, 3 Marathons in ONE 3 day weekend!). My friend Anisha suckered me into it and like the marathon I probably don’t know what I am really getting into.

A Goal further ahead you’d like to get to someday:
Stay healthy, continue to run and enjoy it as much as the first time I ran the streets of NYC.

PR you’re most proud of:
It HAS to be the Poland Spring Marathon “fun run”. I wore a green long haired wig that I gelled up into a mohawk. I got so many comments on it, it was awesome!

Fuel on long run or race is: GU energy gels (Tri-berry flavor).

Last/current injury:
Last major injury was shin splints. They hurt so bad, was the worse pain in my life. Currently my toes have been hurting, getting checked out Friday.

Why do you run? I run because I can. I run to stay healthy. I run to chase my demons. I run to inspire myself and others.

Happy Running!


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