Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | December 2, 2009

Non-runner, Runner, Marathoner, Coach… WAIT COACH!?

Hello my supporters!

Some people can settle to attain one goal and call it a day, but if you have learned anything about me over the course of 8 months I am not one to do such…. SO…..

I have decided to go back on one goal for the great cause of another… NO PR (personal record) for the January 24th Manhattan Half Marathon, but instead I will “coach” a willing and dedicated non-runner (quickly and surely turned into one of us crazy runners!) who plans on running 13.1 miles. SIDE NOTE: I use the word “coach” lightly as I am not a certified coach of any kind, but I like to spread the good word of running through my own personal experience and proven background and if someone is willing to allow me to “suggest” distances, speedwork and other running related work-outs including calling me ‘coach” then in our little running world, I am a coach.

Its funny because after my “disaster” of a run on Sunday, this is exactly what I needed to keep going. Before, while I was in training a bad run would come and go, knowing there was the ultimate goal. I have had a ton of them throughout the season. Now, when there is an awful run it hits harder because there isn’t any reason to train, besides to just run.

While I was out Sunday morning completing 7 miles, 6 miles of good ol Central Park and running 6 hill repeats, I wondered to myself why am I doing this to myself. There was no real motivation except to do it and prove I could. But, for what. I have achieved the goal I set out to do and laid it all out on race day and did well. What else is there to personally strive for, right now.

The fire has been tamed, but not for long. A different kind of fire is a brewing, and its to coach the ones who want to feel and experience the thrill of completing something they have never thought possible. So for those of you who thought the “first-timer” postings have ended, not quite. This will be my first-time taking someone under my wing to help them achieve something they may have doubts about. Running will be the vehicle of choice but it really is a life lesson and discovery adventure. Dreaming of what is possible and discovering you truly can reach it.

I am personally thrilled that someone actually wants to go out 3 times a week (at a minimum) to train for an endurance event they have never done before. I have a renewed sense of duty and excitement that will drive me through December and into the new year. I will recount the workouts but will limit it to my perspective as a “coach”. I’ll let our true rockstar post their own blog on their first time journey (which you know I will HIGHLY encourage).


So, about this runner. Her name is Prisilla, we met in college and through the ever popular social media site, Facebook have been keeping in touch. As early as a couple nights ago she expressed interest in running 13.1 miles. So as any conversation would naturally transcend it led to me suggesting that she run a couple loops with me, to Ill train you for your first endurance event. She agreed and here we are. I also would like to mention that our lovely DErunnerNIAL has decided to join us and since there are more than two of us we have been quickly elevated to a “group”.

Our “group” will be meeting twice during the week and on Saturday mornings for the next 8 weeks to prepare for a wonderful 13.1 mile race. Since DErunnerNIAL has run the marathon, my personal goal with her is to get her faster and maintain the awesome fitness she has achieved during the marathon. We’ll have to determine where Prisilla is at, fitness wise but ultimately it is to have her run her first half-marathon, in style and all smiles! I like that, I just came up with it, but we will use that as our motto.

We run hard, we run fast but we always run in style and all smiles!

We begin on Thursday night (rain or stars in the sky) with a nice meet and greet, warm-up jog to 81st (the old TFK meeting spot), warm up stretch, then up and out on the reservoir where we will complete two full loops with the second being faster than the first. Since this is the first workout of the season, the main goal is to complete the full work-out at a comfortable pace (conversational pace). As the days go by, the work-outs will intensify as it is a relatively short training season and we will need to kick it into high gear.

As readers and supporters of me, Prisilla and DErunnerNIAL I hope you will keep coming back to read all the updates on their training and hopefully be inspired and discover that anything is possible.

I wrote an email to Prisilla earlier and stated this:

“3/4 of the battle in training for an endurance event is not completing the race, but attempting it.”

I truly believe this is the truth for anything in life. I welcome you to a new adventure and for those new readers, THANK YOU for reading and be sure to check back often to read about the progress and adventure this “NEW” training season will bring.

Happy Running!


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