Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | November 25, 2009

Re-training begins…

Hey there my loyal supporters! So, yes just like the title states, we are entering “re-training” mode. For what you may ask… read further to find out.

Yes, the NYRR Half Marathon Grand Prix. The first of five races takes place January 24th in Manhattan. For those of you unaware of the GPrix Series, it is 5 races that covers all 5 boroughs of NYC.

Now, considering this is just a half-marathon you must be wondering why I would want to “train” for it. For a number of reasons it’s smart to get into training mode. I am the type of person that needs goals and the challenge of achieving that goal, no matter how big or small and I want a finish time of 1:35:00, which is 5 mins faster than my half marathon split time of 1:40.

The record for the half-marathon is currently held by Samuel Wanjiru with a blazing finishing time of 58 mins and 33 seconds in 2007. UNREAL!

Samuel Wanjiru, breaking a world record in the 2007 Fortis City-Pier-City Half Marathon

Samuel Wanjiru, breaking a world record in the 2007 Fortis City-Pier-City Half Marathon

My training has sort of begun as I ran last night (4.5 miles) and will resume on Sunday with what I like to call the 6 + 6. 6 miles and 6 hill repeats in Central Park. My runs will be complimented by gym strength work-outs and everything I basically did to prepare for the marathon, except for no long long runs. I may cap my long runs at 11 miles per session to avoid burn-out and more importantly, injuries.

There are no scheduled road races for the rest of the year besides volunteering at the Emerald Nuts New Years Eve run, which should be a BLAST! My friend Dani plans on joining me to cheer on the runners and sip a few glasses of champange. Now THATs the way to welcome in 2010, oh and I forgot, they’ll be a few fireworks going off as well.

Fun, fun, fun!

As for the 5 half marathons for the year? Well, not sure but if you DO complete all five… you receive a certificate, a special gift, and public recognition of your achievement. Pretty cool.

Also, we all have to cheer and support Angela on attempting to do ALL FIVE races. I originally told her she should do ONE (Manhattan) but then on her blog it states that I “peer pressured her” into doing ALL FIVE. NOT TRUE… but since I read THAT, I will hold her to it… so lets all ban together to support Runnerindenial as she embarks on completing all FIVE!


More updates to come, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Running!


  1. should we spike the Gatorade at the NYE run? I vote yes.

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