Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | November 21, 2009

Training really was tough….

Hey there my loyal followers! So, last night I went out for my first run since the 13 mile semi-awful recovery run two weeks prior. It really made me realize how much I really did put in for the training.

I knew I was starting to lose a bit of fitness as more “bad” food started to get into my body along with “bad” drinks. And because the 13 mile recovery run didn’t go exactly as planned I knew I would have to take it easy.

I was going to just go to the gym and start slowly by doing one set of a circuit of strength training… well after walking down from work and feeling how such a nice night it was I decided it was time to run. My left knee that had given me serious issues a few weeks ago felt a ton better and I knew I would use this as one of the “shorter” training runs I had done. i.e. 5th ave route that would be about 4-5 miles in total.

I got to the gym and excited in the decision to go and run. Started on 5th ave and worked my way up the usual route. I have been getting a new sense of joy and passion with running and after watching a couple 2009 NYC Marathon videos on YouTube, I had a whole new motivation to run the race again!

As I always do, I started out WAY to fast and by the time I reached 42nd street I was doing a 7:40 min mile. I knew I had to take it easy and just go with it, but I couldn’t help but replay the race in my head and like always, having people line the street helps motivate me to keep pushing, harder, faster and longer. To compound the situation I also was recovering from a cold, so my upper respitory system isn’t at total capacity, yet. I started to feel a little winded during some points of the run, but by the time I hit Columbus Circle I was at about 20 mins.

Streaking down from CC, I caught up with a biker and like in past runs, I always try and keep up with them (most times I can’t and I doubt anyone besides Ryan Hall or Kara Goucher would). This time, the guy wasn’t really pedaling but more on auto pilot at a decent clip that I was able to keep about 3 feet behind. I was PUSHING hard to keep but for a moment felt like an elite that had a biker as a pacer because I was THAT fast. Hahaha, the small things on the runs, right? I talked to the guy for a moment and he was asking me how many miles I was doing and saying I was doing great keeping up with him. I admitted to him about my stupid little fantasy and he laughed being humored by it. He then wished me luck and told me to go get ’em. I sped off, then he flew by for me to never see him again.

After going through Times Sq (which has a stretch from about 46th to 42nd that I love to go as fast as possible since there are so many people and cars, so much energy. I consider it my “tempo” portion of the run) I always seem to go down 7th ave through the most boring areas and for some reason I never change it up. Through this small run, an entire story and different chapters unfold, from starting at the Flatiron Building, seeing all the high end shops on 5th, passing St Patricks, re-running the last portion of the marathon course on 59th street, the sprinting through the most famous section in all of NYC, Times Sq. This is all but ordinary and I am SO lucky to have the ability and opportunity to run through such a marvelous city.

When I returned to the gym, about 36 mins later…. I got right to the weight machines and MAN WAS IT TOUGH. Not that I couldn’t push harder but I limited myself to about 1 set of about 5 different exercises including the standard leg extensions and calf raises. I thought to myself, I would normally do about 2 sets of these at a higher weight after running harder and sometimes longer. Then it hit me that, training really was tough.

It also helped me let my friend know later in the night after about 6 beers that I never want to give up what I worked so hard for. I want to maintain what I achieved, not only physically, but the emotional connection. The training allows me to run harder, faster and longer. Running empowers me and helps clarifies things in my life. Like in my last post, its not about “ending” something, but merely its the beginning of a life long journey to live with the person inside of you and truly be the best person you can be, everyday.

The great thing now is that I really am not “training”  and if I want to take an off day I can. I chose not to run again today but take care of other things in my life. I like that feeling and at the same time running will become a must in my daily routine of things to do.

Next post will be about this running club called, the New York Flyers and how on Monday I plan on joining them to begin a new adventure. Thanks for reading and leave any comments as you please!

Happy Running!


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