Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | November 18, 2009

Marathon blues? Not quite….

So for all you that read this blog, it won’t stop with me running the 2009 NYC Marathon to continue writing about my running adventures. Did you think I really was going to retire after one 26.2 mile race? Think again! I kept the marathon as one goal and used running to achieve that goal. Now, I simply want to continue to keep running and YES I am 97% sure I will be running the NYC marathon AGAIN in 2010.

So what is up with all this marathon blues talk people hear of so much?

The very infamous Elizabeth (best running buddy, ever)

TFK Celia.. she IS GOING TO BQ!!!

Beautiful Central Park

Up by Harlem

Beautiful Central Park

I personally have not experienced it, believe it or not, but know a couple of people who maybe in denial… it’s simple, you trained so hard and dedicated everything you had for one moment and after a few hours, its over. You have the memories, the pictures, the people but the experience is done. You move on. For some it’s easier than others. Sports psychologists recommend setting new goals that are manageable to achieve to keep your mind off of the previous goal you just achieved. Running a marathon is universally one of the greatest life achievements any one person can say they did.

“The endurance racer has structured his or her life over a period of months towards the race, cutting back on social activities and devoting weekends to long-day training. Now, as Glover and Schuder observe, “your ‘baby’ has reached the finish line and your sought after goal…has been achieved, leaving you feeling empty…. The body is weak, and the mind is undisciplined because the immediate goal has been achieved. A post-marathon runner is very vulnerable”.

Read more here.

For me, I relate my running journey to my journey of life and now am trying to figure out how to integrate both. I know running has had a great deal of positive for me and I don’t want to ever lose that. Marathon or no Marathon, I wouldn’t have been able to deal with alot of personal things if it wasn’t for running. Most recently, I went out on a 13 mile “recovery” run and ended up sidelined with not only a knee injury but the flu. As I write, I am on day three of intense recovery of the flu. It is getting better for sure, but the marathon really is NO JOKE.

As for the knee, it feels great when I walk, but looking to get to the gym and do some strength circuit training (as if I will be running another marathon soon). I know that all the extra lifting helps and will need to keep my muscles strong to avoid any damaging injuries so I can keep running and improving.

I think I will be joining the New York Flyers running club for the winter along with some other TFKers this winter. They run like a normal running club and the levels of fitness vary from 4 min miles to 12 min miles. It will be a great way to continue tuning my body, keep in shape and be part of a team. For now though I am giving my body, legs and running a rest.

Also, on a side note. I just received word that apparently this blog has inspired one of my teammates, Angela to start her very own blog. The title, “DErunnerial” is quite interesting and should make for some interesting posts. Definitely check it out, I promise it will be worth the read!

I will be updating often with new stories of running and I hope to hear from you and all your running adventures! Happy Running!


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