Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | September 26, 2009

18 miles… This SUNDAY!!!

18 Miles Hey there my fellow Marathon supporters! So, today is a very special post because it’s  a preview for the 18 mile ING NYC Marathon Tune-Up race this Sunday, Sept 27th.

I begin this post by again saying thanks to all you who crack open this blog to read my thoughts, hopes and goals for Marathon day. It seems so far away but yet so friggin close! And, on Sunday I will have run the farthest consecutively, all season and in my entire life. Thank you for reading and for all the support!

So about this little race on Sunday…. I can’t lie, I am pretty nervous and just trying to focus on what I learned over the course of 5 months of training and hope I have a great race. It may be the pressure of being officially timed, having the bib number attached or being around other runners who are running the Marathon, but I do feel a lot more nervous than I usually do before a race.


Today, I went to go pick up my race stuff @ the NYRR main office on 89th street and as you can see in the photo, they are preparing for November 1st with the iconic orange and blue balloons at the entrance. There were quite a few people stopping in to pick up all their stuff as well and I was in and out in a flash. It is the usual procedure, go upstairs to get your bib with your time chip, then proceed back down for your t-shirt. This time, it was just an ordinary cotton t-shirt with a little simple design and all the sponsors on the back. I displayed some of my stuff for race morning below including my bib number, chrono tracker and my GU gels.

2746I ran tonight to get a feel on how my body felt and used this opportunity to wear the official TFK race singlet to see what it would feel like versus the normal training jerseys we wear during practices. WOW, it was so much lighter and softer! Didn’t make me any faster but it sure was ALOT more comfortable!

Weather report: Low 60s and 90% chance of HEAVY RAIN on Sunday morning right at 7AM while we are running 18 miles. Not just rain, but HEAVY rain. Not looking forward to being drenched and running. It really wouldn’t be THAT bad if your shoes could stay dry but when they become water logged, it becomes NO FUN at all. With the temperature supposed to be in the low 60’s my arm warmers will def help keep me warm, but they will be wet the entire time. We shall see what the gods bestow upon us on race morning, should be interesting. You train in any weather because on Marathon morning, ANYTHING is possible. We shall make the best of it. If anything it will make for a great post and a memorable experience!

Besides the chance of rain, I am looking forward to Sunday as a bunch of Team for Kids members have told me they are running this as well. In addition, my friend Loni will be running and hopefully we’ll be able to start the race out together. As for Elizabeth, well I am not sure if she will make it out. She hates the rain and I told her she doesn’t have to come run with me since she isn’t training for anything right now. Plus the fact that she would have to sacrifice her Saturday night for me and have to run in the rain, that is ALOT to ask. Obviously, I rather have her there with me as I shoot to do my first 18 mile run all season, but we’ll see how she feels.

Will update with results and details, until then Happy Running (and stay dry!)

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