Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | September 18, 2009

6 + 2 + video!

With the race drawing closer, 43 days away, training must become more intensive. For my marathon supporters who have been following me on this journey, thank you and be assured I am putting in my part as much as possible to prepare for this glorious day.

Last Sunday, Elizabeth and I set out to run SIX 200 meter hill repeats in between the TWO 6 mile loops I had planned. Since we were going east we wouldn’t hit the repeats until right before the 6 mile marker. Hill repeats are important during training to teach your body to push itself up a lengthy hill and build your hamstrings and hips along with developing the skill to power up a hill. You also go at a much harder and faster then normal pace to increase your speed with the resistance of the hill. I was looking forward to doing these since the training has been paused during the week due to work, however today I wanted to push myself.

As we made our way up the east side I felt really good while catching up with Elizabeth about each our our other stuff going on in life. We hit our stride and were on our way with a great pace. I was feeling a little sluggish and thought it would pass after a couple of miles but it kind of just lingered. My heel was sore and my knee felt achey but managed to keep trucking on. Harlem Hill was not a problem with the soreness, in fact I noticed Elizabeth was trying to push hard up with me. Though she is not training, she is training with me which means the world to me (again, she is amazing).

She needed to grab water after we exited the mighty Harlem Hill and let me know she was only in for 6 miles. She was starting to get sick and after that my energy level got sucked out a bit. I told her I rather have her better and obviously the 6 she was doing with me was HUGE already. I mentally prepared to do the final half myself and there was a point that I thought I couldn’t do it considering how tired I was after my first 3 hill repeats.

The repeats were really good, though I always try and gauge how far I am able to hold a certain pace while pushing myself to an uncomfortable pace. I was winded after the second hill repeat while Elizabeth waited. The third came and we were on our way to grab Gatorade and for me to pop my first GU.

Onward we went….

The second loop went a lot easier than I had thought but it was tough getting through. I did do a second set of 3 hill repeats and on the final one I couldn’t make it to the top. I had burned too much energy and went out too fast and was done about 1/4 left to go. I gathered myself up and continued on down to the bottom of the park where we had started while the people looked more inviting. They helped me get through as I would just gaze around and people watch. Some would look at you while others went on their way as if no runner was going by. I passed a few runners and made it a little competition to the finish. It felt great getting through after knowing how tired and worn I was. It wasn’t exactly the best run I have had but considering my weekly runs have taken a back seat to work, it wasn’t too shabby. I am hoping to run a couple times this week to prepare for a nice 14 miler on Saturday afternoon. The final two weeks will consist of the 14 mile run Saturday followed by signing up for the NYRR Tune Up race which is a 18 miler. I am hoping I have either fellow teammates or running buddies to run part of this with me. It will be the longest run I will attempt to do in a straight run and am hopeful it will go well. I will have more details about the race in my next post.

I wanted to also include a video of the 2007 NYC Marathon, NBC style. It doesn’t allow embedding but it will have a link after you click on play that will take you to the video on YouTube.

It begins right away giving you an overview of the entire course and some popular landmarks so be sure to check this out! This year will be no different as many of you I hope will be tuning into NBC for all the live coverage!

Enjoy and Happy Running!

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