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Ed Norton to run NYC Marathon!

Hey there my beloved marathon supporters AND Perez Hilton lovers! We got 49 days left to go and it was just announced that Ed Norton will be running in the ING NYC Marathon this year!

Ed Norton

Ed Norton

The first major celebrity that you can watch on November 1st is Ed Norton as he is running his first marathon as well. For those who don’t know Ed Norton he is a Golden Globe recipient for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Primal Fear (1996). In 1998, Norton gained 30 pounds of muscle and transformed his look into that of a monstrous skinhead for his role as a violent white supremacist in American History X (1998). This performance would earn him his second Oscar nomination, this time for Best Actor. In 1999 came the critically acclaimed Fight Club (1999).

Here is a brief introduction about him running and his group called the Maasai Warriors.

Actor and longtime conservation activist Edward Norton will run the ING New York City Marathon as part of a team raising awareness and financial support for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, a Kenya-based conservation organization. Norton and 3 Maasai warriors will be leading 30 people from all walks of life running the ING New York City Marathon on Nov. 1. The organization has launched a web-based fundraising effort  to bring together corporate sponsors and a grassroots network of donors sponsoring the team of runners. Norton helped create the U.S. non-profit partner of the organization and serves as President of the organization’s Board. It will be the first marathon for Norton and his Maasai teammates, most of whom have never traveled away from their community in southern Kenya. to continue click here….

It surely will be awesome to have a great actor like Norton running with all 40,000+ of us and for him running for a great cause! Speaking of causes, my friend Loni had her fundraising happy hour for her charity called Hope for Warriors last Thursday night.

Loni has run one marathon so far and with little training managed a 4 hr finish time (pretty awesome if you ask me!). She decided to sign up to run with Hope for Warriors since her ex-boyfriend was in the marines.

Hope for Warriors mission is as follows:

“A promise that the sacrifices of the wounded across military service branches and throughout the nation will not be forgotten, nor their needs unmet. Our many have been implemented to fulfill this promise.”

To read more about the group and to learn more click here. I was able to go out, show some love, met one of the team captains then split to head off for my first short run of the week. I hailed a cab from Metro 53 down to 23rd and 6th to my gym and was out on the road by 8PM.

Since work has been insanely crazy busy, Thursday was my first chance to get out and get a run in. I was very excited and even more so after meeting a couple of other runners at Loni’s Happy Hour. I set out for my usual 5th Ave route, across 59th street and up to the 72nd street transverse and back down. I had never really measured it, but with the Runner’s World training log I calculated that the run is 6.07 miles. I always base my speed on time and knew if I could be anywhere in the 50-55 minute range I was doing good. Turns out, on this special night I did the 6.07 mile run in 51:31 (8:30 per mile pace). For any non-long run you do, its a matter of getting out there and doing the run. Sometimes you can focus on speed or add in tempo parts into the run. Since I run in the city I will try and take one or two blocks and sprint at a faster pace and try to hold a faster pace for as long as possible. I noticed as I was running back to 23rd street that I was able to keep a faster pace for a longer period of time then I am used to. The run was awesome, and though it was misty and a little rainy it added to the allure of running alone at 8PM through the city and Central Park. After the run, hit the weights and did the usual circuit of calf raises, leg extensions, some upper body lifting, different ab workouts and a lot of stretching.

The next run will be the long run tomorrow with Elizabeth since today was the Yankees game with my dad. The Yankees lost but we’ll pull one from Baltimore tomorrow! Derek Jeter did surpass Lou Gehrig as the all-time leader in hits for the Yankees the night before. Congratulations Jeet! What an accomplishment to pass someone like Lou Gehrig. The Ironhorse as he was also known as was one of the greatest Yankees ever to wear the pinstripes. I leave you with his final farewell speech that goes down in baseball history’s greatest moments. It solidifies Derek Jeter’s accomplishment on Friday night and his place in Yankees history.

Happy Running and Go Yankees!

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