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Happy Hour, Hills and Race Singlet!


Hey there my much loved supporting Marathon fans! Today’s post will be a recap of the week and a special thank you to all of the people who came out to the fund raising happy hour @ Calico Jack’s!


The fund raising event was a huge success and I am so happy that everyone came out. I have to give a huge shout out to my sister, Mary for bringing everyone who she works with and their friends. Also, kudos to Erin and Antonia for making their presence! All in all we raised over $100 in the course of less than 3 hours which enabled me to have a total fundraising amount of $2,120 ($380 away from my pledge amount) We are almost half way through the training season and almost at the total fundraising goal. After the event, Erin introduced me to the owner of Josie Woods near NYU on 8th Street. If you have never been there, I would def recommend this place as your next hang out spot. They have a chill crowd, pool tables, darts and awesome drinks. I am considering doing a group happy hour with some of my TFK teammates to wrap up the fundraising (more to come on that). And a very special thank you to all my supporters (including you reading!) and my donors who have helped me get as far as I have so far. I would not have been able to get to today without every single one of you! So a huge THANK YOU!!! And, if you have not donated yet, do consider. I will list details on how you can at the end of this post. 



Team for Kids Happy Hour!

Me and Erin!


Me & Antonia!

Me & Antonia!


Team for Kids!

Team for Kids!



Following the fundraising event, my family and I went down to the Jersey shore for some R&R. It actually was a tester for me at the same time. Since I have been battling the shin splints for two weeks this would be the first time I tried running at any type of real length for awhile. Was up on the promenade (asphalt) after a 5.5 hour trek down (thanks GSP traffic!) @ around 8PM and it was really a perfect night for running… so it began… the first few steps felt so unnatural as if I had never run before, but once I got warmed up things flowed like normal. The shins were tight but there was no pain at all. Went the full length (about 1 mile) and went all the way back, which was about 2 miles. I def felt winded a bit, probably due to being off for 2 weeks and the thicker saltier air, but it felt great to get back out there and more of a relief that the shins in fact were getting better. The following morning, I tackled the beach with my loyal Asics and ran a solid 3 miles. Same results if not a bit better. This was followed by a nice 4 mile walk with my dad which gave us some time to chat about work, life and the marathon. After enjoying a wonderful time at the Jersey Shore like growing up, we headed back up north to get back into the grind. On that following Wednesday night (last week) I was with the group after a two week absence. It was great to see all the bright green and have that comraderie of being part of a larger pack. That night we did a 1.5 mile warm up jog, then hill repeats of around 700 meters, times 6. Now, 6 didn’t sound like that much considering we were only going 700 meters but by the time we hit number 2,  I was dying. Not because of the shins but because we were told we had to be out of breathe by the time we reached the top. Well, after three, I felt like I barely could do 4 let alone 6. By the time we did 5 I had to slowly jog back to regain my energy for one final sprint. I was with two girls and a guy name Rafael who actually JUST joined the team. We were in the 9-10 minute pace group though it really didn’t matter because all the groups really were sprinting it up. It felt great to have tackled 6 hill repeats until Coach Frank told us to run to Tavern on the Green and back, which added another 1.5 miles to the night. That was the longest 1.5 I have ever done… I had to stop at one point after trailing this one guy and keeping pace with him. Finally, the girls and Rafael came around and I just waited for them, we all got water and joined the rest of the team for literally 2 seconds of stretching. Luckily, Coach Christina suggested we do some with her and ended up talking to her about my shins and the hill workouts.

On Saturday, I missed the team workout but still managed to get up and run at around 11AM. It was fair weather, not to hot yet and clear skies. I brought my GU Energy gel being amped to do at least 10 miles. I knew I wanted to start @ 14th and 5th AVE and do one full loop of the park and told myself I could cross over at the 72nd Street transverse if need be. The run started out slow, as I was getting warmed up… then it kind of went downhill from there. I began having light issues with cramping and thought of the peanut butter and chocolate powerbar I had just eaten on the way over on the PATH. Turns out THAT was a bad idea! I made it to the park, feeling a bit better which usually occurs. At this point I was around 2 miles and then the cramps starting coming back. This time I thought it was the gatorade I was drinking and lack of water the night before and in the morning. I tried going on, but at around mile 3 had to stop. I pulled over and squeezing my side and massaging the tight muscles and cramps out. I was standing right by one of the Masters groups and seeing ladies over 50 having just ran the 5 mile team championships, made me feel like a wimp trying to get my stupid cramp. I continued onward heading to the 102nd street transverse not even considering turning there, but being motivated to climb Harlem Hill. Before you get to Harlem Hill, you loop around, a little descend and can see the runners making their way around. At this point, once again,more cramps and I had to stop. An older lady came by and asked me if I was OK which was quite nice and I just let her know Ill be fine once I get the cramps out. She smiled and said you gotta drink Gatorade! I thought to myself, if this lady only knew how much I had already drunk. Onward I went, fueled with energy after being seen walking what should have been a relatively easy run. Once I saw Harlem Hill, that was it, I was attacking him like there was no tomorrow. I used the method I read somewhere or heard about where you count from 100 down. They suggested not to do it out loud as it wastes energy but at this point in the game I needed to. Already being out over 40 minutes working on mile 5-6 I didn’t care and started muttering… 100, 99,98,97,96,95,94…. so on and so forth…. some walkers and joggers were looking at me like I was nuts, but if they had done that they perhaps could understand… it probably took me about 2 minutes to climb it but once I did I let out a sigh of accomplishment and let my body take me down the rest of the course. Grabbed some water at around 96th or so and used that pitstop to try out my coveted GU Energy gel (Coffeee Espresso!)…. WOW, was that awful! At first I thought I was doing it wrong trying to tear the package open, then it oozed out like honey and I was sucking on it like I was trying to suck out the last bit of candy… needless to say, I didn’t too much for it and I think next time will try the harder stuff. I just can’t imagine myself trying to tear this thing open, suck it out, chase it with water and not like the taste at all. When the lady at the store told me some people don’t like the texture of some, etc I thought it was not that true, but now I know and I think I will prefer the blocs. I did finish in a time of 1:41:40 (I was trying to stay under 1hr 45mins) and had logged 11.5 miles. Not too bad for a first long run. It was almost as much as I did the last long run with Emily two Saturdays ago. Then came the regret. The right knee started to tighten up after taking my first ever ice bath (wow, was that friggin cold!). I couldn’t last 20 secs without taking myself out three times. Finally on the fourth attempt I was able to settle in (never put four bags of ice in the tub… one IS plenty!) Turns out, it is a chronic injury I have been plagued with before I even started seriously running and it decided to act up. Runners Knee as some would call it. An annoyance is what I say, but in any case, I have been resting it this entire week, only doing a Boot Camp in the park last night (more about that in my next post, perhaps). It feels a lot better tonight and I am looking into getting a knee brace, but it is a specially designed brace specifically for Jumpers/Runners knee. After these reoccurring injuries I am taking a look at my training and will try to back my running miles down with increase cross-training and something else that will surprise a lot of you (this will DEF be the topic of our next post!)

So, having talked about the successful fund-raising and the  fact that I am so close to my pledged amount, I did receive my official Team for Kids race singlet. This differs from the workout tanks because it is cut tighter and is a lot lighter (race ready). Plus it is really really bright! Now, I will plan to figure out how to adhere my first name on the shirt as every Marathoner will tell you, that is one of the most important things to do. You will be running 26.2 miles and will need cheering on by the crowds, esp in NYC! So that wraps up my post for now and below is how you can donate to the remaining $380 to fulfill my pledge amount. Thank you all for your support, be on the look out for the next post (will be filled with surprises) and Happy Running!

To make a donation click here. You will need to enter my official entry number and last name: 391226 and Martini

Ah the Jersey Shore

Ah the Jersey Shore

Official Team for Kids race singlet!!

Official Team for Kids race singlet!!

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