Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | July 28, 2009

Spin, Spin, Spinning…. and Happy Hour!

Hey Marathon supporters! So this is yet another post, a lot sooner than most would have expected but I guess with recovering from the shin splints I do have more time for updates. So onto the good stuff!

Last Thursday night was my first workout for the week, have not been running at all to ensure that these splints fully heal.  I took an intense spin class, which was my first time ever.  For anyone who has not taken a spin class and only seen it on TV and in movies, yea, it really is intense! And you will sweat in the dark with 20 other people cycling away. I have never been so drenched in sweat as I was 20 minutes into the workout. It is a combination of fast cycling with climbing on your bike as if you were running up a hill. The intensities change dependent on what the instructor wants you to do and you will want to kill your instructor as he/she is yelling you to go faster. You don’t have much support with your hands on the bars so you are forced to use your quads and calves. For runners, this is a GREAT way to mix in cross training and give the pounding on your body a break. I would like to try and incorporate this into my training every week. This week begins week 9 as our mileage increases… we are supposed to do a 14 mile run on Saturday but since last Tuesday the left shin has not gotten fully healed, so that won’t happen. I am itching to get back out but want to make sure I am at least 98% healthy before hitting the streets and park once more. I have been reading that it can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks for the splints to heal fully, if not longer. To read more about shin splints, what causes them and treatment/prevention click here.

In the meantime, I shall attend many happy hours to dull the pain… well actually no, as many of you know I have given up excessive drinking to focus on getting in tip top shape for Nov 1st. However, there is a happy hour that will top ALL happy hours you have ever gone to. It is happening THIS FRIDAY, July 31st from 6pm-9pm @ Calico Jack’s and with a $10 donation you can drink for half off! I will be there in my bright Team for Kids workout tee ready to party and celebrate the journey (even if there have been injuries).  Come join me and everyone to have a few drinks and support a great cause!

Week 9 is focused on recovering, cross training and trying to get back into the weekly mileage. As the journey continues to 26.2. Happy Running!


I def didn't look like that woman on the left... lol

I def didn't look like that woman on the left... lol


ING NYC Marathon Training Schedule

ING NYC Marathon Training Schedule

We are at Week 9 so far. 2 Weeks from the half way mark. Notice how the long runs are slowly increasing to 22-23 miles. I probably wont do a run that long, but am shooting for a 18-20 miler. We shall see how the training goes from here on out.


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