Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | July 6, 2009

Week 6: 117 days to go!

Hey there my loyal marathon supporters. Thank you for visiting the blog and taking the time to read. It has been a while since I last posted but have the time to post today. Would like to re-cap some things and offer some new reading for all those avid readers out there. I gotta provide some incentive for you to continue reading, right!? ;0 )

So today begins Week 6, which is 117 days until race day. The training has been going exceptionally well so far and last week we were on target to hit a 24 mile week. The last group training run with TFK went really well. We met at the Riverside Park which I had never been to but it was quite a different experience. We were planning on a nice 7 mile run and everyone was prepping with water intake before we warmed up. It was very humid and hot out and we all knew it would a tougher work out but we were ready. We took four laps around the dirt track and warmed up with dynamic stretching on the infield. We then split into our pace groups and I joined the 8:40 pace group. My friend Billy was not able to make it because he had the Hope & Possibility race the following morning but my friend Danielle was there so I ran with her on the first 4 mile loop. I met Danielle the first workout I went to and learned she works as a designer in the fashion industry. She is tall, self aware, soft spoken and one of the best runners you will meet. When we started our trek with the group we talked about work, training and how both her parents were athletes and how her Dad was a runner himself. She was born to run and I know this being her first marathon, she will run a sub 4 hour. Our pace group coach Glenn missed a turned and that is how we ended up doing a 4 mile out instead of  3.5, but it was all good. At this point everyone was warmed up and sweating waiting to reach that water station. We gulped down some fluids and then headed back out to make it back. I ended up running with Glenn for the rest of the way and at some points had to be directed to slow down because I was speeding up. Oh how I was happy he did that, because one, I need to learn to keep my pace and two, because on the last 1/2 mile some people; including myself sprinted the rest of the way. Now, that is a great thing esp after you just ran over 6 miles at a good pace, but I sprinted out way to early and way to fast. I was the first one out, went downhill which catapulted me even faster and by the time I made the first turn to the straightaway, I was gassed. The guy I started sprinting with soon passed me and sped away. I did make it but had to take back a bit. Lesson learned of when to kick, and how hard to kick. Every run comes a new lesson. Madd kudos to D for NOT walking but continuing to run even though she probably felt like she was on mile 24 of the marathon. Go D! Overall, the group run went really well and after all the days and nights of rain, it was great to have sun and heat for a long run.

After the group run, the following week (last week) work and the mileage increased. So, the lesson was to learn how to balance both as the intensity wont let up for either. Was able to make it out a couple of nights for some long runs and make the 24 mile goal for the week. One saying I kept referring back to on Wednesday night’s run was this:

“I suffer pain so others don’t, I run for those who cannot, I am training to make a difference”

These will be my watchwords for the training season. This is the mantra I will keep repeating when I am on my long runs and feel like I have no more. This will help propel me to that start line and the across the finish line on November 1st. As for the Wednesday night run, that was an exceptional run since I got out a little later and it was raining off and on. When I started it was coming down pretty hard and by the time I reached the park it had let up and I was really the only person running. I recently have started to run without my iPod on because I am becoming somewhat bored with the music (if anyone has suggestions of new running/workout music let me know!) and it is nice to listen to your surroundings. On this night it was even more magical, as the birds came back out from their dry spots and were singing and I could hear the trees blowing and my feet shuffling the damn roadway. It was quite pleasant and was a different experience than I am usually used to. On that note, I will transit into what some of you readers may be really interested in…

I picked up this book called “A Race Like No Other, 26.2 Miles Through the Streets of New York” by Liz Robbins. This is a fantastic book, a really quick read and worth picking up. Even if you aren’t planning on running a marathon, this will put you right in the fast lane through all five boroughs of New York. I would definitely recommend this to any reader to get a first hand experience of the New York City Marathon. 

A Race Like No Other


So now I will sign off for today, preparing to start Week 6 and looking forward to tonight’s 5.5 mile run with the group. Should be a really nice night out and I will be back to update you guys more. Again, thank you for all the moral support as we continue this journey to the start line. Happy Running!



  1. Lookin’ over my workout mix, I think you might dig AFI or even some Buckcherry, they are really upbeat and bangin. Also look into The Killers or even Vampire Weekend.

  2. thx for the shout out Mark! See you wednesday (prob). my knee feels fine, but groin still hurts. may have to back off running and cross train for two weeks. grrrrrrr.

  3. Why not try some good old oldies–Frankie Valley,etc. That should get you going.

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