Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | June 22, 2009

Father’s Day 5 Mile race recap

Hello there my marathon supporters! This is a day late, but needed the time yesterday to spend time with my folks and watch Gran Torino, which I would recc to anyone. Mary told me I needed to rent it, so when I got back to NYC, I went straight to BB and got it. Glad I did…. very good movie.

So I ran the Father’s Day 5 mile race against Prostate Cancer and wanted to re-cap it. It was looking like a soggy morning but got there with out much fuss. Had time to stretch which I needed to as the pre race jog up was a little sore. My body was sore from the day before running with Team in Training and doing a 9 mile run, plus 2.6 on my own. I def was feeling it but gathered up the reserves to run a good race. I couldn’t help repeating to myself that this is the last race until the half marathon, so just pace well and finish strong and I can recoup until the 13.1. Something I have learned after doing these races is to pick people in your corral that appear to be at about your same level and remember what they are wearing in order to try and pace them through the race. I remember a girl who had the 2009 Marathon training jersey and I kept seeing her throughout the race. She did end up finishing ahead of me, because after mile 3 I lost her. In any case, it helps to keep you going when you can try and pace with someone or a bunch of people throughout. Ill get to that more as I write. If you did not know, this was being televised on ABC7 so they had all the cameras and trucks around. I could care less as I wanted to get on with the race and complete it. This would be my longest race and I just wasn’t sure if I would be able to hold up at my previous pace times. I started out relatively slow on the first mile and as the field was starting to break up I found my little area to run. Ended up being right on the side of the road in some places. We were traveling north on the west side of the park up to 102nd street transverse. I have done this so many times before, you have a couple of turns up a little hill and then further north a quick turn on 102. That completed the first mile, everything was in order, feeling good but we still had 4 more to go. As we traveled across to the east side of the park, there were some kids cheering us on, noticed a guy go over to them to slap them five, so I figured, why not… so I did the same got a few hi fives, got hit with some plastic noise makers but helped get my energy level up. We made our way to the East side onto mile 3. I remember on mile 3 there was a hill that I just hated. It wasnt like Cats hill but I remember I was struggling with it a bit. And it was friggin hot… the sweat was just everywhere and I decided around this point to just take the shirt off and run. Glad I did because shortly after that, it started to rain. Now before this moment, there was a girl who was is training with Team in Training that came up next to me and yelled, GO TEAM! Looking good! Keep it up! and I just got a bolt of energy, it was as if the pain or soreness was not there.. I repeated back, GO TEAM! Your looking good! Some guy asked her what she is training for, and she replied, the Tri of course, meaning the Triathlon, then she scooted forward and I lost her in the crowd, but that was enough going from mile 3-4 to help me find a new reserve of energy. And at that moment I was proud to be running for Team in Training, even if it is just for a half marathon. As we were making our way to mile 4, I noticed a fluid station but no mile 4 marker. I looked at my watch and thought, at my pace we should be coming up on it. We kept going, and no mile marker. I thought well maybe we passed it where that guy was being interviewed on the side. They usually have the fluid stations at every mile marker so you know that is another mile you are almost done with. This time, mile 4 just seemed to not be there. Ah, at last you see the orange and blue and a big 4. At this point I always slow down just a bit to let my body recover just enough to get the best split. This time, since I hadn’t run this long at this pace, I had no more gears. I had to really slow up and let people pass. I felt like crap knowing that I might have gone out too fast, gone too fast on mile 2, maybe that hill took it all out of me… I didn’t know but didn’t have time to contemplate, I had to push forward, had to find reason to suck it up and make it down the bottom loop of the park and all the way back up. I could only think, this is the route I will be on, on November 1st. I will probably feel 10x’s worse than this and still have to make it to the finish line at Tavern on the Green. I thought, my mom and dad just bought tickets to be at the finish line with Mary and Mike. It may only be a 5 mile race, but for me, it taught me to really find it in me to finish and finish strong. As we traveled back north to the Tavern, I could see the lights and I just kept a steady pace. We have another 200 yards to go. Once I hit 50 yards I started to surge hard and found every ounce of strength to try and finish strong, the crowd was on both sides, and you could see the finish… raised my arms up, pumped them a couple times, knowing I just completed my longest race to date.

Afterwards I def was sore and tired, but after walking it off felt good. The left knee was tightening up and knew something was not right. Today, the knee has subsided but the left foot is really sore. Going to go to the gym to get some light cross training in, whirlpool time and icing the ankle tonight. Taking the week easy while meeting the weekly mileage amount. And, here are the splits from the race. After checking the results online I was actually really surprised with the splits and pace time considering how I felt through the race.

  1. 7:55:82
  2. 7:26:44
  3. 7:52:10
  4. 7:27:54
  5. 7:25:82

The official finish time was 38:08/ 7:37 per mile pace. This is 3 seconds/per mile off what I had done in the 4 mile race and I was very happy with the results. Now I also learned that I probably will only be able to keep that pace up for a 5 mile race and maybe for a 10k, but it is more likely that I will need to be at a 8 minute pace for anything longer up to 13.1. As for the marathon, I am looking at a 9-9:30 minute pace. I am just guessing at this point but when I train I usually do a 8:30-9 minute pace, so you try and guesstimate of what it could  be for a longer race. In any case, the race went a lot better than projected and I attached the link where you can find all the coverage of the race from ABC7. Happy running!

Check out the finish line cam, I actually am at the 17:10-17:12 minute mark of the video and all the way to the right of the screen… I look down as I cross the finish line to stop my watch (its pretty cool to watch everyone finish!)



  1. great job! you got the time I was hoping to get! hopefully can run the one next sunday.

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