Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | June 20, 2009

First long Training run

Hello my marathoner supporters! What a morning and how this day has turned into one sloppy and wet afternoon. Our work-out group lucked out to avoid the rain, but I decided to run a bit more and got caught in the wetness on the last leg of my run. Today was our usual Saturday workout which consists of a long paced run. They broke all the groups up by total mileage for the day; 4-5 mile group, 7 mile group, 9 mile group and 11 mile group. I decided I wanted to do the 7 mile group since that would complete my weekly milage total and not put to much stress on my body since I have the Father’s Day 5 mile race tomorrow morning. The first few miles went pretty well, was running with my mentor, Darren (who is recovering from  an Achilles Tendon Tendinitis) and did mention how I felt like I did take a week off from being sick. Everything felt tight and as if you are breaking it in again. As we  made our way down to the bottom part of the park, we stopped to get water which was much needed after running for about 35 minutes at a 8:30 per mile pace. We still had another loop to do (about 3 more miles) and the group got bunched up. One thing I am learning is I really do like my space when I run, sometimes you cant avoid it, but I noticed a girl who was leading the pack and quickly sprinted up to catch up. Her name was Emily (doing the Hamptons Marathon) and ended up running with her. After the 7 mile mark, everyone but one guy was just going to do the full 9 mile run, so I made a quick decision and decided to add two more miles to the run. At this point, Emily and I just separated from the group and probably was doing about a sub 8 minute pace. The great thing running with someone else is you push each other and there were times on the last two miles I was getting gassed but we both pushed through, each other and got to the finish. And we got to the finish in a time of about 1:18, good for about a 8:40 minute pace, though we were going faster when we started together. It was def more than I had planned but it was much needed. After we got back, I ended up running back down to 23rd to go to the gym to foam roll and stretch. That added about another 2+ miles so for the day, I probably did about 11+ miles. I haven’t mapped it out but it could be my longest training run of record, and very pleased with the results.

Onto other news, my parents, my sister Mary and her husband Mike will be at the finish line on marathon day! They actually bought the Marathon Finish Line banquet tickets for $250 per person! I am still so surprised they got them, but because my mom has a bum knee (knee replacement) it would be hard for her to get around to enjoy all the race day festivities, so this will be a great way for her to be able to enjoy every moment. This also is more motivation for me to get to that finish line, knowing they will be in the stands waiting! They will LOVE it and hopefully enjoy every moment. The last couple years I have volunteered I have been able to get to the finish line to watch and it is quite the experience. I have posted these pics below so check them out. So, with these tickets they will receive:

  • Gourmet breakfast and lunch @ Tavern on the Greeen
  • Open bar and champagne after 12 noon
  • viewing of the live race broadcast on WNBC Channel 4
  • access to athlete tracking (so they will be able to track my progress throughout the race)
  • outdoor bleacher seating at the finish line 

They also will be coming up the night before, actually day before (Saturday) and I will most likely will spend time with them and enjoy a carb loaded pasta feast. Since Mary and Mike live in Jersey City they will be able to help them get into the city and to Tavern on the Green. It should be a wonderful day for them and I am so grateful they will be there to root me on. These are the most recent updates, a great long training run this morning, family made arrangements and Father’s Day race tomorrow. Tune into ABC 7 to watch the race and/or listen to 1050AM ESPN. Happy running and stay dry!


NYC Marathon finish line

NYC Marathon finish line

NYC Marathon finish line

NYC Marathon finish line


NYC Marathon finish line

NYC Marathon finish line

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