Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | June 18, 2009

First Team for Kids Workout

Happy morning to all my loyal supporters. Hope you are staying dry, though its tough when it rains every other day AND every weekend! Hopefully this is just a rare, beginning of the summer fluke and it will dry out so we can enjoy the warm weather. In no time, the leaves will start changing, the air will become crisp, skies will be even bluer and it will be Marathon day! Looking forward to it every time I awake. Speaking of which, last night was my very first Team for Kids workout and let me just say how exhilarating it is to be with such a group and to be surrounded by people who are all doing the NYC Marathon. It is a different feeling than I am used to and I know I am going to love the training season with TFK. Our workout last night consisted of a 5.5 mile light run on the bridle path. Now for those who haven’t heard of the bridle path, it is a stretch of dirt paths that surround Central Park and most runners prefer it to the pavement because of the less pounding your body will take. Last night I felt like I was in Oregon training near the NIKE World Headquarters with Alberto Salazar on trails of dirt and rocks. It took me to parts of Central Park I didn’t know existed, and loved every moment. As for the team, I got a chance to meet some of the members and most are first time marathoners, which is great. Also, my friend Billy, from Team in Training decided to join and do the Marathon as well. Go Billy, you will rock NYC. Just don’t wear the tight tights! He started with the half marathon like I, though he had never ran in his life and now a few weeks later, he decided to tackle the big 26.2!

Besides a great training run last night, I also learned that through TFK we will be provided our own buses to the start line in Staten Island. I really do enjoy the sense of camaraderieĀ being part of a team that is in it for the same goal. The ones you start with on race morning you will have endured so much throughout the training season. Like in my first post, its the process that really is the enjoyable part. The race, is the culmination of the weeks and months of dedication and you’ll get to really enjoy the pay off and reward. I am very excited after the first TFK workout and looking forward to wearing that unmistakable bright green singlet on race day. Happy running and stay dry out there!

Team for Kids


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