Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | June 16, 2009

Was it Swine Flu?

Ok, so as many of you heard or even witnessed, I was out with a very very bad case of the flu (baby swine?). I literally could not move for anything last Wednesday night and all day Thursday. Friday I tried going out but ended up going back home and resting for the entire weekend (gave me a chance to catch up on my beloved Yankees as they took 2 out of 3 from those very unlucky Mets; what a game Friday night!). Today I feel a ton better and looking forward to training with my Team in Training group in Central Park tonight. If you did not know I am also training with TNT in addition to Team for Kids for the Half marathon. [here is a back quick back story] I had initially thought I could only do 13.1 until one day I pushed myself and ran a 10.8 mile run, and then did it again the following week. I thought to myself, if you can do 11, you sure can do 13.1. Sooooo I then at that moment, took on the challenge of running the full marathon and signed up with Team for Kids!! Looking forward to a great work-out tonight. As for the work-outs with TFK, I have yet to join them. Their schedule times are a bit earlier (6.15pm) and sometimes its tough for me to get out in time to make up to CP but tomorrow will be the night… I am marking it into my running schedule to run with them tomorrow night. It is going to be a long running week for me. Looking to do tonight, Wednesday, Thursday, Sat and then my first race (in a while) on Sunday.

Speaking of which, Happy early Father’s Day to all those Dads reading… This Sunday’s race is in honor of all the Fathers around the world and to fight Prostate Cancer. It is also a qualifying race for next years NYC Marathon, part of what the New York Road Runners call the 9+1 guaranteed entry program. Race 9 qualifying races and volunteer at one and your guaranteed entry for the following year. Not bad for all us recreational runners. You don’t even need a qualifying time for any of those 9 races, just sign up and run them. Perhaps I can sway some of you to do this and run a marathon with me next year?? lol.

Well, here is a link to this Sundays Father Days race:

I will be posting up my times and updates on that race, but for now lets see how tonight goes. I also attached a picture of me (wearing the TNT pride, go TEAM) from the Japan Day race. This was a personal best for me (4 miles, 30:17; 7:34 per mile pace). Some of you have seen this from my Facebook, but a great way to show support for Team in Training. Once I get the TFK workout shirt, I will transfer over to that. Enjoy the day everyone, and until next time, happy running!


Japan Day Race 5/31/09

Japan Day Race 5/31/09


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