Posted by: mmartininycmarathon | June 15, 2009

First post on a long 26.2 journey

Ok, so this is my first blog post on a very long journey ahead. But, its the process that is the best part, right? (lets hope so). This will be a way for me to let everyone that is supporting know how am I doing with the 26.2 training including all the ups and downs and everything in between. For those of you that do not know what I am doing… I am training for the 2009 ING NYC Marathon on November 1st for Team for Kids.  Please take a moment to watch the information video below, it is very inspiring. And, as for the blog, this is something I will like to update consistently and encourage everyone to keep checking back for news and updates!


In return of having this once in a lifetime opportunity I have agreed to raise $2500 as my pledge promise. I am asking for your help in meeting my pledge amount for this incredible organization and for the thousands of kids in NYC and Africa that will benefit and have greater starts in their young lives. I am super excited to share this moment in my life with you all and I cannot express how this foundation and all these kids have a special spot in my heart. It is with pure pleasure to run for the kids, and for you, my supporters.             

Because this is the NYC Marathon and in the spirit of 26.2 miles, I am offering the “Personal Mile Marker Exchange”. How this will work is that you can select your favorite mile(s) from the course and I will personally photograph it during the race. Perhaps the course runs through your favorite part of the city, through your neighborhood, or a borough you have never seen on Marathon day. In “Exchange” I ask that you donate that specific amount, for that chosen mile (for an extra $20 I will have it printed and framed (4 x 6)). For example, if you want mile marker 13, donate $13 and I will reserve that mile marker (let me know when you make your donation, that you would like to participate in this). This will be one of the first fundraising programs I will be sharing with all of you during the next five months of training.  

For all donations, please visit my official TFK donation website. You will need to enter my official entry number which is 391226 and my last name (Martini) at:  
I want to thank everyone who has donated so far and if you have not yet, please consider putting even a small donation down. Every little bit counts. I look forward to a great 5 months of training and I hope to see you all on November 1st at the finish line at Tavern on the Green in Central Park.



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